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This blog is about the Austin real estate market, along with tips for agents and other funny stuff that I deem fit to include.



As part of my ongoing efforts to recognize and reward companies who are “doing it right” with regard to social media, I’m proud to announce that my “Social Media Winner of the Week” is StarTex Power, my own electric company.   THE ORIGINAL ISSUE Thanks to a not-terrific new phone system, we recei...
For those of you who have been keeping up with the story of my friend Liz Carter, I thought I should provide another update here.  I had put this in a comment in a previous post, but Margaret Woda suggested that a new post was in order, so here you go...   I spoke with Liz's husband Bill for abou...
I debated over whether or not to write this post, but I figured it’s better to risk a part of myself if I stand a chance of helping even one kid (or adult) who is undergoing a traumatic experience in his/her life.  It’s one of the longest I’ve ever composed, and I made myself cry at least three t...
n case you missed it, over the past week or so, Gap decided to change their corporate logo, then got pressured (largely via social media channels) to change it back. My initial reaction on seeing this was to assume that they planned it this way from the beginning, but I don’t have any contacts in...
About a week and a half ago, my good friend Liz Carter had a double lung and liver transplant in the Houston area (St. Luke's Hospital).  Needless to say, this is a very invasive and lengthy surgical procedure, and the first few days seemed to be going better than doctors had anticipated. I spoke...

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