family: More Family Fun In Austin, Texas - 06/23/14 12:35 PM
In 2007 I wrote the blog post "Family Fun in Austin, Texas" and since it has been awhile, I thought I would revisit the topic. Austin certainly has no shortage of family fun options, many of which have opened since I first wrote the original post on this topic. So, without further ado, here are some more ideas for family fun in Austin!
Austin Aquarium - The Austin Aquarium opened in December of 2013 to much fanfare and excitement. Located on 183 South, just past Lake Creek Parkway, the Austin Aquarium is open 365 days a year, and provides discounts from time to … (1 comments)

family: Meatball Tag and the Tickle Monster - 01/07/14 01:21 AM
I will be interested to see if the title of this post attracts people who have no idea what I'm talking about. 
"Must be some weird autocorrect feature."
Meatball Tag is the name of a game that was invented by my 4-year-old daughter, Jenny, and her older sister, Abby, who is 7 now. Before it got exceptionally cold outside (in my case, that's anything under 40 degrees - I live in Texas, not Alaska), I had been playing quite a bit on the trampoline in our back yard with my two younger daughters.
One evening, just after dark, we were … (9 comments)

family: Christmas Shenanigans at the Crouch House - 12/30/13 01:47 PM
We had a lovely Christmas at our house this year. My mom was in town, the kids were supremely spoiled, and no one got sick. This marks the first year in recent memory when we made it through December unscathed by viruses of any kind. Two years ago, I battled a debilitating migraine which lifted around Christmas Eve.
At any rate, my most expensive gift this year was a new iPad Air, with a hard case and keyboard. It will allow me to work (and blog) from anywhere, hopefully making me more productive, but time will tell.
But my favorite gift … (5 comments)

family: Update on our Project - There will soon be one less homeless family! - 01/05/13 03:32 PM
This is a story about God’s provision and many answered prayers. I wrote recently about our friends Will and Karen (not their real names) that we met a few months back when Will was standing on the side of the road with a sign that said simply, "We don't know anyone in Texas. Need to pay for our motel." 
Click here to read the full story if you’re interested. 
In a nutshell, Will and Karen were living in a daily motel in north Austin when we first met them. Since then, Will has begun working at Walmart in the Tire and … (10 comments)

family: One of My Most Active Days in Ages, and it had Nothing to do with Real Estate - 04/30/11 03:29 PM
Today was a pretty long day, frankly.
All morning, I watched my four kiddos while my wife ran some errands. At noon, we went to McKinney Falls State Park (about 30 minutes from our house) to meet some friends from my 10-year-old daughter's girl scout troop. Despite the fact that it's located about 5 minutes from the Austin airport, it felt like we had traveled to another state. Densely packed with towering shade trees, it was like driving into a forest. Now that I think about it, I guess it was EXACTLY like driving into a forest, because it WAS … (23 comments)

family: Candid Video of My Incredibly Cute 20-Month Old Daughter - 12/17/10 10:08 AM
I recently upgraded my iPhone so that I finally have video capability without the need to carry an extra device when I'm out and about.  Most of the footage I've captured so far is of my kiddos.  I just wanted to share this video of our youngest daughter, Jenny.  Sorry that it's vertical rather than horizontal - still adjusting to using the new "camera".
You'll notice that she mentions Abby quite a bit - that's her four-year-old sister.  :)

family: Trip to Zilker Park with My Son (VIDEO post) - 09/18/10 05:36 AM
As part of our ongoing efforts to lose weight, I promised my son that he could have "special time" with me or my wife for every 5 pounds he lost.  I've lost roughly 50 pounds and he has dropped 35+ so far - we feel great!  About three weeks ago, he wanted to go for a hike at Zilker Park and explore a little bit. 
I had intended to make a longer video, but it was HOT that day, and we ended up changing our plans a bit.  Enjoy:
Originally Posted at: The Austin Dude

family: Why I Love Being a Dad (VIDEO proof) - 10/23/09 03:34 PM
If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably already know that I truly love my kids.  Here's a quick and unedited video that I took tonight of our 3-year-old (Abby) and our 6-month old (Jenny).  Abby would probably kiss and hug Jenny all day if we allowed it.  In fact, my wife calls it "aggressive cuddling".  I really like that term.  I hope you enjoy this one.  I play the part of the camera man/soon-to-be-jungle gym.

family: A Glimpse Into My Household - Kid Updates - 09/20/09 10:29 AM
I have written many, many posts about my kids here on this blog, but I realized that it had been awhile since my last one, so I thought today was as good a day as any to share some interesting vignettes.
At age 10, my son remains exceptionally profound and perceptive.  We went for a bike ride a couple of evenings ago.  As we crested a hill and stopped for a brief break, we had the following brief conversation about the weather:
ME: Wow - you can really see a lot from up here.  Check it out!  Look at the clouds.
BRANDON: … (33 comments)

family: She Melts My Heart - Our Baby is Almost Five Months Old (VIDEO) - 09/05/09 03:22 PM
I finally had a few minutes to sit down and put together a few clips of our newest baby girl, Jenny.  She is growing so quickly!  At her last doctor's visit, she was almost 19 pounds already (more than that now, it would seem) and super-tall, at nearly 28 inches!  People always seem surprised, as if my wife and I could even make a small child (I am 6'4", she is 5'11"). 
I hope you enjoy the video, which includes clips from about 2 1/2 months old up to last week.  You can even see her first real laugh!

family: Why Being a Father of Four Makes Me a Good Realtor - A handful of reasons to call me first - 08/10/09 12:24 PM
A few days ago, I was struck by the fact that my parenting skills actually make me better at my profession.  Some of these are learned behaviors, to be sure, while others are inherent.  Either way, if you choose me to represent your real estate interests, you are in good hands.  Here are a handful of reasons why:
I am patient With four children, ages 10, 8, 3, and 4 months, patience is something that makes my life a LOT easier these days.  Do I lose my temper?  Sometimes, but generally I am very even keeled.  This comes in handy … (56 comments)

family: The Best Compliments I Have Received From My Family - 08/03/09 11:16 AM
I was reflecting a few days ago on how blessed I have been in my life.  God has given me a terrific family, and I try really hard not to take them for granted.  I also realized that I have heard some terrific things from them over the years.  I pray that you get to hear this kind of stuff from your own loved ones.
COMPLIMENT #1 "You have become the man that I always knew you could be when we first met." My wife said this to me a few months ago.  WOW!  I don't know any husbands who wouldn't enjoy … (29 comments)

family: Cute Stuff from our 3-Year Old - 06/27/09 02:27 PM
Abby, our three-year-old daughter, is ridiculously cute.  If she had her way, she would spend most of the day cuddling our newborn baby girl, petting and kissing her head. 
I have had a bunch of people ask me, "Is your toddler jealous?" and I have to laugh, because that has never crossed her mind.  Instead, she likes to come up with new nicknames for Jenny (Genevieve), including:
Jen Jen or Jenner - kinda obvious Gingerbread - I like this one! Sugar Baby Strawberry - This is my personal favorite Then, she forayed into "just plain odd" nickname territory, with these gems:

family: My Silly Kids - More Funny Stuff from the Crouch Household - 03/11/09 06:00 PM
It's been awhile since I wrote a post about my kiddos, and I thought it was probably long overdue.  This is not a reflection on their antics in any way, as they continue to provide some very funny moments on a regular basis.  Instead, I've just been plain busy, and I've had other stuff to talk about, it seems.  But I digress...
Earlier this evening, I told my wife (again) that I think my son, Brandon, is one of the most naturally funny kids I have met.  In other words, he doesn't have to TRY to make us laugh.  A prime … (28 comments)

family: My Son Finished Marathon Kids Today! (Video included) - 02/21/09 01:20 PM
I wrote about Marathon Kids last year, which is a cool fitness program wherein kids commit to finish an entire marathon over a few months' time.  In our case, until the beginning of the month, we thought we had more time to complete this task.  I could have sworn that the final ceremony was going to be in April, but I was wrong, so we did the vast majority of the mileage over the past 3 weeks and finished last night. 
Last year, my wife did more of the running with him, but she is currently 33 weeks pregnant, so that wouldn't … (21 comments)

family: My kids continue to astound me and make me laugh - 02/15/09 07:33 AM
I have certainly written a bunch of posts about my children and the funny stuff that they say and do, but I realized it had been awhile since my last "kid" post.  Time to change that.
We are about eight weeks away from having our fourth child now (!).  I don't know if it's related or not, but Abby (our almost-three-year-old) seems to be getting more and more naughty, and finding new and inventive ways to misbehave.  Actually, I do know - she's just a two year old kid who is testing her limits.  I mentioned to Pam earlier when I … (34 comments)

family: It SNOWED in Austin last night! - 12/10/08 04:22 PM
I realize that many of you reading this will not find the idea of snow appealing or noteworthy, but my two older children have only seen snow ONCE in their lives.  Keep in mind that my son will soon turn 10 years old. 
I have never seen snow this early in the season before.  I think every other time that it has snowed (at least in my memory) it was in January or February.  The last snow which accumulated here was on Valentine's Day about five years ago. 
Unfortunately, it didn't really "stick" very much at all, but it was beautiful … (49 comments)

family: A Quick Thanksgiving Note to My Family - I love you! - 11/28/08 02:51 PM
Simply put, I am blessed beyond what I deserve in this life.  I wanted to take a few minutes to put into words what I am thankful to God for this year. 
I didn't write my post on Thanksgiving Day for a couple of reasons:
I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle of other Thanksgiving posts (and there were a LOT of good ones) I didn't feel like blogging on Thanksgiving Day - too much food, family, and football for that Brian Block wrote a post that struck a chord with me yesterday or the day before, called "Every … (28 comments)

family: Sharing the "Stories of My Life" With my Kids - 11/07/08 06:13 AM
Our kids' bedtime routine has long been my domain, as it were.  My wife homeschools our three kids, so she doesn't get many breaks.  When it's time for bed, I am in charge of getting the two older kids ready, including the tooth brushing, stories, prayers, and tucking them in.  Sometimes, it involves keeping them in their rooms, or getting a snack or drink for my daughter, who seems to require less sleep than the rest of us.
We had gone through a period when they didn't want me to read to them, but then they suddenly showed renewed interest in having "story time" … (42 comments)

family: My Kids Still Rock! - 10/11/08 12:26 PM
This was a fun week around our house, although I guess most weeks here are pretty fun, come to think of it.  My kids continue to amaze me.  They make me laugh, they make me cry, and sometimes, they just make me think.
Brandon remains one of the most naturally funny kids that I have ever met.  Sometimes, it's a little like having a young Bill Murray around the house.  In other words, he doesn't have to try very hard to make you crack up. 
We were riding our bikes the other day as part of our regimen, and Brandon delivered … (39 comments)

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