son: I Can't Believe My Son is 15 Years Old Today - 12/12/13 07:00 AM
Almost 16 years ago, I still remember exactly how I felt when I found out I was going to be a father for the first time. My wife chose to tell me using a fortune cookie (and a lot of planning to pull it off):
Roses are red, violets are blue
I'm gonna be a parent and so are you.
Truth be told, I was so shocked that I didn't even believe her at first. We had been married for over 5 years at that point, and we'd been actively trying to get pregnant for over 2 years.
Fast forward … (17 comments)

son: My Son Finished Marathon Kids Today! (Video included) - 02/21/09 01:20 PM
I wrote about Marathon Kids last year, which is a cool fitness program wherein kids commit to finish an entire marathon over a few months' time.  In our case, until the beginning of the month, we thought we had more time to complete this task.  I could have sworn that the final ceremony was going to be in April, but I was wrong, so we did the vast majority of the mileage over the past 3 weeks and finished last night. 
Last year, my wife did more of the running with him, but she is currently 33 weeks pregnant, so that wouldn't … (21 comments)

son: Biking with my son - 07/13/08 03:34 PM
I have been cycling with my son Brandon quite a bit lately, usually about 3-5 miles per night.  Since he just learned to ride in April, I still find this amazing when I really think about it.  We have had some goals in place for him (and I get the exercise benefit, too), and we have ridden over 84 miles together since we started.  Both of us have lost weight, which is a part of the plan.
This time together has quickly become my favorite time of the day.  Brandon and I were already very close, but I feel like I … (24 comments)

son: My son is a profound thinker - 06/13/08 07:00 AM

On the eve of Father's Day weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share some experiences that I've had with my son lately. 
I have been cycling with my nine year old son Brandon pretty much every evening lately.  We go for a ride that is slightly over 5 miles, which still amazes me considering that he just learned to ride about a month and a half ago.  We both have more energy, and we often follow this with some swimming at our community pool.
During our time together, sometimes he gets quiet and I'll ask him what … (34 comments)

son: I Had an Open House with My Son Today - 05/31/08 04:15 PM
I held my first open house today in over two years.  Having actually sold five homes at open houses during my career, I'm not sure why I don't do them more often.  Maybe the excruciating boredom? 
The home I held open today is a lovely and affordable listing right around the corner from my own home.  I decided to mix things up a little bit and have some company, so I took my nine-year-old son Brandon along for his first open house experience.  Gotta show the kid the ropes early, right?
I will admit that I was surprised at the level of enthusiasm … (35 comments)

son: An Evening Bike Ride with my Son - 05/17/08 04:30 PM
I recently wrote about my son learning to ride a bike (My Son Can Ride a Bike Now! Way to go, Brandon!).  He learned to ride on April 30th, and since then he has become a very fast study.  The only time that he has fallen was when he attempted to wave at the camera on his second day.  Since he is getting better and faster each day, it was inevitable that I had to get my own bike tuned up and ready to go.  I took it to Buck's Bikes in Round Rock, and I was pleasantly surprised that they … (23 comments)

son: My son, the poet - 05/12/08 03:45 PM
My nine-year old son Brandon has suddenly developed the ability to write haikus.  Come to think of it, is haiku the plural or haikus?  Is is like moose or deer?  Either way, he likes this particular form of poetry. 
He comes by it honestly, I suppose.  One of the few things I have ever had published was when one of my haikus appeared in my sixth grade end-of-the-year book.  It was a dubious distinction, since almost everyone was in the book with me, except for the kid who used to eat those little hairs off of Magic Markers.  The other reason … (44 comments)

son: My Son Can Ride a Bike Now! Way to go, Brandon! - 05/02/08 02:45 PM
As of Wednesday evening, my son Brandon has officially joined the ranks of those who can ride a bike.  He is nine years old.  We had tried awhile back with a little progress, but this time he got the hang of it on the third outing, much like when he learned to swim last year. 
I spent the first day with him in our cul-de-sac going around on the sidewalk in circles basically holding him up from the left side with my hands on the handlebars.  The second day, I took him to the local elementary school parking lot so that we … (35 comments)

son: The Wit and Wisdom of My Nine-Year Old Son - 04/28/08 05:13 AM
My son has always had a good sense of humor.  In fact, my favorite video of him ever was taken when he was about four months old, laughing hysterically as I played, "Peek-a-boo" with him.  Thankfully, the clip is not marred by my appearance, so it's really just a very cute baby in a diaper on the floor laughing like crazy.  The funniest part to me on this particular piece of film was when I could just say the word "peekaboo" without hiding my face and it would still send him into a fresh fit of hilarity.
Recently, I have come to realize that … (25 comments)

son: Time with my son - 04/11/08 03:48 AM
I have been taking my son to and from his martial arts class recently, so we get about 25 minutes in the car together each way.  This is becoming one of my very favorite times, since it's just the two of us. 
He has begun riding in the front seat with me, which makes it seem more fun for both of us.  For him, he feels more mature, and for me, I feel less like a chauffeur.  It also doesn't hurt that he stopped requiring me to wear the uniform (see photo at right).
Since I drive a minivan, the back windows … (30 comments)

son: My Son is my Hero Today! Our "Marathon Kids" Experience - 02/23/08 08:36 AM
Today, my nine-year old son Brandon celebrated the culmination of several months of effort by attending and completing the "Final Mile" ceremony for Marathon Kids.  In essence, Brandon completed a full marathon's worth of running over a period of many weeks, and this final event was held at a stadium in south Austin with a party atmosphere and tons of encouragement, cheering, and music.  The kids felt like rock stars.
After they ran the final mile (which was actually about ½ mile), they were awarded with a nice gold medal and a t-shirt.  In my son's case, he will also be getting the video game … (18 comments)

son: My funny and intriguing son - 01/27/08 03:50 PM
My nine-year old son, Brandon, is one of the most interesting and witty kids that I have encountered.  Sometimes, he says things while joking around with us that make my wife Pam and I double over in laughter.  Other times, he is able to do this unintentionally.  Over the past few weeks since his birthday (mid-December), he has had a few moments that I thought were worth documenting here. 
The other day, Pam asked Brandon to help get some cereal for his little sister.  He prepared the bowl, and Pam remarked, "That's great, Br.." when she was interrupted sharply by Brandon:
"Well, … (35 comments)

son: Is My Son the Next Henny Youngman? - 09/20/07 06:00 PM
 For those of you who don't know who Henny Youngman is, shame on you!  No, seriously, Henny Youngman was known as "King of the One Liners".  He actually passed away the same year that my son was born (1998).  His most famous line was "Take my wife.....please!"
My son also seems to have a penchant for one-line comments that make me laugh.  This past week, he shared some gems with us that I wanted to share with you guys:
We were in San Antonio last weekend for my wife's 20th high school reunion (mine is next year in Dallas).  While we were … (40 comments)

son: Funny quotes from my son - 08/25/07 06:10 PM
I had posted this topic on another blog awhile back, and I had it on my mind today while we were out shopping. 
Once, about a year ago, I was riding with my son in the car, and he suddenly said, "Dad - I am carsick." 
Uh oh.  Obviously, I hit the brakes and began to slow in anticipation of stopping the car.  I said, "Do you feel sick to your stomach?"
He said, "No, I meant I'm homesick."  He meant that he was sick of being in the car. 
I thought it was interested how different the definitions are for these two … (46 comments)

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