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Let’s face it. Almost everyone who doesn’t make a living online would like to. Often the reason is that the person feels overwhelmed and unequipped to take even the first step. Relax, breathe quietly for a moment, and look at the issue logically. Say you want to start an internet marketing busin...
In episode 148 of my Creating Wealth podcast, Jason Hartman (I) try to clear up the current murky lending picture for my investor audience. This discussion aims to dispel some common misconceptions about financing for rental, non-owner occupied property. Investors today are obviously faced with n...
Hello friends, I created my Ten Commandments of Successful Investing™ many years ago, and over the years, these principles have only been strengthened by all the economic chaos going on in the world today. I have created a PDF I would like to give to you so you can print these and pin them up in ...
Most people are aware of the old maxim “Location, location, location.” when it comes to real estate investing of any sort, and income property investing is no different. We at Platinum Properties Investor Network are here to tell you – it’s true! An example of this is a form of rental investing ...
...accountability. Why do we go to work? For a very few of us, job satisfaction. For the vast majority, because it takes money to live. If they had a choice, most people would rather work at a home based business, selling a service or marketing a product over the internet. To many, that’s a dista...
  Wouldn’t it be nice to make your mortgage disappear without lifting a finger or making a single payment? This kind of self-liquidating debt is exactly how real estate wizard, Jason Hartman, made millions investing in income properties. There’s nothing fancy about the method. Nothing hard to lea...
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Sometimes common sense seems to be an uncommon quality, especially when it comes to job offers found on the internet. It should come as a shocking surprise to absolutely no one that the FTC has decided there are too many con artists targeting the unemployed with bogus jobs and work-at-home scams...
Forget the stock market exists! Follow our logic. Conventional wisdom says invest in the stock market (TRUE). The vast majority of people in the United States are not wealthy (TRUE). The only conclusion we can reach from these statements is that investing in the stock market is a bad idea. Do so...
You don’t have to surf far on the good old world wide web to find marketers screaming about how Twitter is the greatest tool since sliced bread for driving traffic to your website. To paraphrase Billy Joel, they may be wrong but they may be right – the jury is still out. If you find any hard numb...

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