appreciation: Why is San Antonio yet another great Texas city for investors? - 09/02/09 07:39 AM
What do you think about when you think about San Antonio? Well, of course, there was that embarrassing Alamo defeat at the hands of Mexican general Santa Anna. But OTHER than that, San Antonio is a stronghold for the military and medical industries. There are four military bases in and around San Antonio, including Fort Sam Houston, which is the southern command for the entire US Army.
We're always focusing on cost of living. We like it low. In San Antonio, the cost of living is nearly 25% below the national average.
During the last housing shake-out, it became apparent that … (0 comments)

appreciation: Rocky mountain LOW prices - 09/01/09 10:12 AM
Before he flew an experimental airplane into a cliff, John Denver was high on the rocky mountains in all sorts of ways. At Platinum Properties Investor Network, we are solidly sold on the idea that the city of Denver is a great real estate investment opportunity for income properties right now.
Reasons? I've got a few.
Real estate tends to run in eight year cycles and the Denver market began leveling off in 2001. Based on the past, history tells us that the area is due for positive growth and potential appreciation during the next eight years.
These days, the western … (0 comments)

appreciation: Amplify your leverage with real estate - 06/16/09 10:46 AM
Thankfully, the income property investor needs to spend a little more time understanding Return On Investment (ROI) than the average stock market Kool-Aid drinker. With stocks, you buy it and hope it goes up in value (or down if you're shorting). The key idea is the anticipation of simple appreciation.
In real estate, we get excited about appreciation too, but there is more to it. So much more because we've got amplified leverage. Here's how it works. To purchase a $100,000 property these days you'll likely be required to put up 20% of the purchase price, which is $20,000. Right off, … (0 comments)

appreciation: Rental Property: How to strike OUT in Real Estate - part 1 - 06/04/09 05:21 AM
You can't blame them. People who have been recently creamed in the stock market to the tune of $7 trillion are desperately looking for some way to recoup their nest egg. Understandably, many are leery about re-entering stocks when their scorched pants are still smoking from the last go round.
What to do?
Obviously, some settle on real estate. As a concept, we think that's a GREAT idea but you have to do it the right way. If you jump in with a stock market mentality, let's just say, "See that light at the end of the tunnel? It's a freight … (0 comments)


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