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As I sit here in my office reading all these great stories/articles, I can't help but share some with my loyal Active Rain family... such as the recent case in Naples, Florida, where a couple who were wrongfully foreclosed upon managed to legally turn the tables on a Bank of America branch and fo...
This investment property is availble in the Phoenix, AZ market for only $75,000. It has a conservative projected cash flow of $310/month and 33% return on investment.                     View full proforma Contact us at 714-820-4200 or on our website for more details (please indicate which proper...
Despite the current administration's constant hyperactive dog and pony show, we at The Creating Wealth Show think they protesteth just a bit too much. If the economy is turning around, why are home prices still flat on the ground and getting kicked in the teeth? If you listen only to President Ob...
According to a recent study on investor timing when it comes to buying and selling assets, we suggest you open a can of Mr. Spock on your strategy. Remember Mr. Spock? The half-human, half-vulcan first officer aboard the original Star Trek television series starring that guy in the Priceline ads ...
Over the years we've provided what we feel is a pretty clear cut case, based on an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, that Wall Street is an ineffective place to invest your money. To sum up exactly what's wrong with it - buying stock is like playing an insider's game from the outside. Are ...
You know you've made an indelible mark on the American culture when your name can be used as a verb and everyone understands the meaning perfectly. Has anyone besides us noticed that Mr. Sheen has gone a bit off his rocker lately? To be perfectly honest, his manic, incoherent behavior leads us to...
Employment is one of the fundamental factors of economic growth that represent the most frequently used yardstick for measuring recoveries. In discussion of employment, there are two distinctly different categories of unemployment that must be understood. The first is the ‘narrow’ definition that...
The recent financial news has been abuzz with exhortations over the anticipation of an end to the recent financial calamity. The stock market has already discounted this optimism into its valuation, as current market values represent a multiple of forecasted earnings per share well in excess of h...
Have you heard of the dangers involved in self storage investing? Too much competition. You have to build a new facility to make money. Financing is difficult to find. While one should never enter a serious investment on a whim, we suspect that much of this type of propaganda is circulated by peo...
The general price level in 2010 relative to 2009 shows average price levels that are nearly flat. The reason for this trend is significant commodity price increases in 2007 and 2008 that collapsed after the global financial crisis. Much of the reason for the price volatility in commodities is lev...

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