jason leone: Friday the 13th – Why it is Considered an Unlucky Day. A Quick History Lesson. - 07/14/07 04:34 AM
Many people consider Friday the 13th an unlucky day.  This fear of Friday the 13th began due to events that transpired in France on Friday, October 13th in the year 1307.  The events of that day being so terrible, they have carried forth a superstitious fear of the day 700 hundred years.
So what happened on Friday, October 13th 1307?
King Phillip the Fair of France in collusion with Pope Clement V and The Knights Hospitallers betrayed The Knights Templar.  King Phillip and Pope Clement V lured the leader of the order, Jacques de Molay, to Paris under the guise of friendship and … (15 comments)

jason leone: Do you have REO Listings in South Florida? I have buyers with Cash and Great Credit! - 07/10/07 04:48 AM
I am looking for Realtors who list Bank Owned property.  As my title states, I have buyers with Cash and Great Credit.  I have been doing my own research to find them deals, but I would truly like a few Realtors to help bring those deals to me.  I do have a few rules:
1 - No games.  The property needs to meet our criteria.
2 - You must be the Banks Listing Agent.
3 - Must be a Deal Maker not a Deal Breaker.
Please call me 561-891-0143, e-mail me jleone@logicalchoicelending.com or reply to this post.

jason leone: Presenting The T.I.L. Honestly, Ethically and Effectively - 07/10/07 02:42 AM
I know many Mortgage Originators who are apprehensive at presenting the T.I.L. and with good cause.  Putting a document in front of a borrower that shows they will pay over twice what they borrowed is disheartening to say the least.  We as the mortgage professional have spent considerable time outlining the benefits of our proposed mortgage program and believe that what we have presented is the best option for the borrower.  Then here's the T.I.L. with its huge numbers and an A.P.R. that is higher then the note rate we have already disclosed.  So here is what I do and what … (5 comments)

jason leone: People Don’t Want What We Sell!!! A Different Paradigm for the Mortgage Professional. - 07/09/07 04:21 PM
Being in the mortgage business I have heard the advice of the Gurus, the criticism of the media and the thanks of clients.  I have heard the praise of other and the complaints of the dissatisfied.  I have delivered good news and not so good news.  I have closed loans and I have not closed loans.  I have ridden this rollercoaster for the last five years of my life and have enjoyed every minute of it, even the minutes of it that I did not enjoy.
In this time I have made a point of educating myself to better serve those who … (4 comments)

jason leone: $425,000 for only $1,367/month† or $200,000 for only $644/month.† - 07/08/07 01:43 AM
Got your attention didn't it?  You not alone, this is the exact headline you will see on Lending Tree's ad if you search the word "mortgage" on Google.  Those little crosses are the only indication that there are applicable terms involved and those crosses don't appear in the ad, but on the landing page when you click their sponsored link.  Here is the page that opens up:
When you open up the landing page where the offer is repeated there is another link you can click on to see the terms:
But just for fun I have pasted the terms below:
Wow!  Now let's … (11 comments)


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