jason: What is a lease abstract and how can it help your business? - 06/22/10 08:05 AM
Most corporate real estate leases consist of several dozen pages and in some cases upwards of a hundred pages or more.  A lease abstract is a 1 or 2 page snap-shot of your lease in an easy to read format.  The process involves reading through your entire lease and abstracting pertinent information.  Some examples of extracted information include the following:
  •  Date Lease Signed
  •  Date Lease Expires
  •  Length of Term
  •  Current Rate Being Paid PSF
  •  Escalation Clause
  •  Termination Options
  •  Security Deposit
  •  Penalty Fees If Any
  •  Renewal Options
  •  Contraction & Expansion Options

jason: Newmark Knight Frank - Detroit Office Market Report - 1Q10 - 06/22/10 07:00 AM

Weakening conditions prevailed in the Detroit office market during the first quarter as the vacancy rate rose to 24.7% from 24.2% in the fourth quarter of 2009.  The vacancy rate has remained above 20.0% for over three years.  Total net absorption was negative for the ninth consecutive quarter as 418,407 square feet were returned to the market.
Average asking rents declined slightly in the first quarter to $19.63/sf from $19.67/sf in the fourth quarter and were down 1.7% from $19.97/sf reported one year ago.  Rents have declined 15.3% from $22.63/sf, the peak during the fourth quarter of 2000.
In the … (0 comments)

jason: SUCCESS - Jason Tucker Helps GPS Mapping Software Development Company Find Office Space in Farmington Hills, MI - 10/06/09 04:02 AM

In late July 2009, Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GIS), an Alabama based company, retained Jason Tucker as their tenant agent to represent them in a transaction for the lease of office space in the I-275 & I-696 corridor area of Michigan.
The requirement involved reviewing several available suites ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 SQ FT of office, flex and research and development space.  After months of due diligence and negotiations with various landlords, and working in a long-distance capacity, Jason found the ideal space that would allow GIS to grow and expand their presence in the Michigan area.
GIS's new … (1 comments)

jason: SUCCESS - Jason Tucker Helps Software Development Company Find Office Space in Ann Arbor, MI - 10/06/09 03:58 AM

In late January 2009, SimuQuest, Inc., issued the challenge to Jason Tucker to find the perfect office space for their growing company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The requirement entailed being in close proximity, walking distance, to the downtown business district of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the space needed to include office furniture, have room to grow, and be affordable.  The search included several available suites ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 SQ FT of office and research and development space.  After months of due diligence and negotiations with various landlords, a lease was signed and SimuQuest moved into their new home in … (5 comments)

jason: SUCCESS - Jason Tucker Helps Networking Integration Company Find Office Space in Novi, MI - 10/06/09 03:42 AM

In mid September 2008, Integrated Communications Services (ICS), retained Jason Tucker as their tenant agent to represent them in a transaction for the lease of office space in the I-275 & I-696 corridor area of Michigan.
The requirement involved reviewing several available suites ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 SQ FT of office, flex and research and development space.  The space required an overhead door for mobile technicians and installation teams.  After months of due diligence and negotiations with various landlords, a lease was signed and ICS moved into their new home in April 2009.
ICS's new address is:
Integrated Communications … (0 comments)

jason: So Who Say's There's Nothing Happening Out There? - 04/03/09 11:36 AM
Okay guys and gals, I don't know about you but things are really rocking and rolling here!  Although, it may be because I am working around the &!@# clock, or maybe not..
Here are a few recent successes:
Tenant Representation Services - Recently assisted a telecommunications and networking firm with finding new space and they signed a 3 year lease on roughly 2,000 SQ FT of office space in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Landlord Representation Services - Challenged with finding a new tenant to manage a 22,000+ SQ FT banquet center and café, we were able to find a replacement tenant in … (5 comments)

jason: Enhance Your Luck - 12/02/08 04:47 AM
By Jon Gordon

"Do you feel lucky?" It's not just one of my favorite Clint Eastwood quotes, it's also an important question each one of us should ask ourselves. Turns out luck, like much in life, has a lot to do with our beliefs and the energy and attitude we project. The luckier we feel and believe we are, the luckier we are.
A great article in Men's Health Magazine by Matthew Teague, which features the latest research from British psychologist Richard Wiseman, author of the Luck Factor, explains that there is a lot more to luck than coincidence or … (7 comments)

jason: Do you need a good Web Designer or help with your Web site? - 10/27/08 03:44 AM
Keep in mind that a top-notch online marketing presentation may be the very thing that sets you or your company apart from all others and helps you WIN the business!!!  I hope everyone knows that I wouldn't just recommend any old Web company to help out my ActiveRain friends.

Barrett & Weston Creative Group specializes in creating fantastic Web sites that are flashy and functional.  They're an award winning, full service multimedia design & development firm.  They work with a variety of clients - from Fortune 500 organizations to small, start-up businesses.
Here's what they offer:
Multimedia Presentations Interactive Promotional … (2 comments)

jason: What do you think? - Is now the time? - 06/22/08 07:59 AM
It's a simple question.
Is now the time to invest in Real Estate?
Top athletes know when its time to renegotiate their contracts.  Stock brokers know the best time to buy quality stocks.  Oil companies know the best time to tighten the surplus and raise prices.  Gold refineries know the best time to buy used gold.  and the best poker player knows when to push all in... Think about it.  Now is the time to invest in Real Estate.  Is it really going to get worse or are there bountiful opportunities right in front of your very eyes?
I believe we're … (10 comments)

jason: Thoughts Over Won Ton Soup - 06/13/08 09:46 AM
Well, it's the end of the second week in my new office and this afternoon I'm doing a bit of reflecting.  It's been a whirlwind, getting back into the groove, the many things I've accomplished in such a short period of time, juggling pretty much everything.  But I'm not complaining and I'm loving every minute of it!
Lets see?  Here's a pretty good list of what I've done:
On the first hour of the first day I attended a 1-hour Continued Education Training course on LEED Accreditation and Green Buildings.  Then I worked on setting up my office, including getting on … (4 comments)

jason: Relationships Matter - Jason Tucker’s LinkedIn Profile - 06/11/08 05:36 AM
Hello everyone,
You may want to spend some time and make yourself a LinkedIn profile.  This site is by far one of the best professional networking business web sites on the Internet.
Still very much under construction but here's my profile:
LinkedIn's simple philosophy:
Your professional relationships are key to your professional success.LinkedIn's mission is to help you be more effective in your daily work and open doors to opportunities using the professional relationships you already have.
This isn't networking-it's what networking should be.Forget exchanging business cards with acquaintances that don't know your work, or trying to renew professional … (2 comments)

jason: "GREEN" Buildings and Sustainability - What Is It All About and What Does It Mean To Me? - 06/11/08 04:41 AM

Architects draw plans and contractors build buildings, but neither really controls what goes on there. The power of the bank account puts the owner in control of every project. With constantly increasing energy costs along with many other factors more owners are investigating green buildings for themselves.  Green is everywhere today, and is becoming an integral aspect of business strategy, from corporate philosophy to marketing tactics.
A recent national survey of the commercial real estate sector revealed that nearly two-thirds of respondents allocated funds to green initiatives, while the majority said their sustainability investment would increase in 2008. So let's … (0 comments)

jason: Seven Ways to Overcome Negative Sales Stereotypes - 06/10/08 06:50 AM
By Al Uszynski

The public's impression of sales professionals is enlightening, and disheartening. During my time as a professional salesperson, I've heard some interesting opinions from a variety of people.
One I'll never forget happened during a visit to Cornell University where I was conducting job interviews for sales positions. I remember the candidate who told me, "To be good in sales you have to be good at bull-s----ting your customers." I was surprised to hear such a dumb statement from a job seeker, never mind an Ivy Leaguer.
R-rated movies like Tin Men, Glengarry Glen Ross and Boiler Room … (0 comments)

jason: Setting a Standard for Your Business - 06/09/08 03:28 AM
By Paul Montelongo
The foundation for your success in your business, or any other business for that matter, is to establish standards for your business.  In order for your goals and dreams to become a reality, a set of measurable elevated standards must be designed.  Standards, in this instance are more accurately known as ideals, ethics and principals that will govern your business. These are more than just the values of integrity and honesty, as those should be a given in order to stay alive in business for the long term.
Here are 4 components of having a business that is … (3 comments)

jason: Newmark Knight Frank - Detroit Office - 06/09/08 03:07 AM

Hello everyone,
My name is Jason Tucker.  I specialize in providing commercial real estate services for Newmark Knight Frank.  I am focused on providing high quality tenant representation services to companies headquartered in the Great Lakes and surrounding region.

I also cover the following areas:
Contract Negotiation Corporate Advisory Lease Restructuring Portfolio Assessment Strategic Facility Planning Tenant Advocacy & Representation Newmark Knight Frank is one of the largest independent real estate service firms in the world. We provide comprehensive real estate solutions to many of the most prominent corporations, property owners, investors and developers across the globe.

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker

Richmond, VA

More about me…

Address: Richmond, VA, 23294

Office: (248) 431-8138

Mobile: (248) 431-8138

Email Me

Jason is personally committed to a holistic approach for assisting local and international companies with their strategic real estate needs. He provides his clients with targeted real estate market research, industry trend analysis, and logistics solutions that enable them to make well-informed, cost-effective decisions about their businesses.



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