lodi california: Looking for a bottle of wine? Go .... that way! - 08/29/16 08:05 AM
Looking for a bottle of wine? Go .... that way!
Grapes were introduced to the area by Stockton city Founder, Charles Weber, when he planted vines around his home in 1850. The East Coast transplant and would-be gold miner, George West purchased cuttings from Weber and planted the first major vineyard north of Stockton in what is now the southern Lodi sphere of influence. The first commercial focus of grapes came about in 1858, when West built the El Pinal Winery. From these beginnings the region's over 8 billion-dollar industry grew.
Interested in finding a home in this dynamic and growing region of the … (2 comments)

lodi california: What's in a Name? .... EVERYTHING! - 01/01/11 12:34 PM

Looking a little backward and then looking more forward is one of my favorite New Year activities.  It helps me to put a context of the past into the adventure of the future.  I’d like to share a little about one of my “discoveries” of 2010 and one of my losses for 2011.
Revolucion 1910 is a wonderful “Mexican” restaurant in Lodi, California that finds its menu origins in the more European-style of the Spanish Empire of centuries ago.  From the “beans of the day” to the mild cilantro seeped rice the food at Revolucion 1910 is an … (10 comments)

lodi california: Our weather is having an identity crisis … Waterfront living in Lodi, California - 10/11/10 12:51 PM
With our weather doing strange things and the season absolutely confused about its identity, the cool and quiet seems to be something best found in the morning.  The search for a little tranquility before starting the week, leads to a local landmark … Lodi Lake.

Part of the lake’s surrounding grounds incorporates a park-like environment featuring a children’s playground and a gift from the Kiwanis … the Kiwanis picnic area.

Across the lake on the north shore is another recreation and day use-area.  The south shore has a “Discovery House” and a “Boat House” and a “Bath House” … (16 comments)

lodi california: Lodi, California - School Street Wine Stroll - October 15, 6:00 - 10:00 PM - 10/09/10 08:30 AM
Featuring a logo that looks reminiscent of a Monopoly character, the School Street Stroll on October 15 promises to be an event to remember.
The Stroll runs from 6:00 – 10:00 in the evening and celebrates both the wineries of Lodi and 25 local boutique businesses.
Merchants will be presenting hors d’oeuvres and special sales as the wineries bring out their best samplings.  Tickets are $30.00 advance purchase or $40.00 the day of the event.
Special designated driver tickets are $20.00.
For those looking for an “overnight get-away” – local hospitality resources are offer special package arrangements.
More information … (4 comments)

lodi california: What's a Street Faire in Lodi? - 10/04/10 12:33 PM

Twice a year the streets of Lodi play host to the Street Faire and Sunday, October 3 was the final faire for this year.  So what exactly is a Street Faire?  For some folks it’s a giant yard sale …. for others it all about the food …. for still others it’s about a place to be and a time to share.  For Lodi, it’s all of those things and more – it’s also a time when the city comes together and does amazing feats of coordination and cooperation.  I hope the following pictures will give you a sense … (14 comments)

lodi california: This week in Lodi – Real Estate related news summaries 9/27/10 – 10/2/10 - 10/04/10 09:29 AM

Sometimes just looking for the bright spot, makes it easier to find good news!  Incorporated in the doom and gloom of real estate media output, are some uplifting and enlightened glimpses of real estate – maybe not so much market focused, but more user impacted! This week’s news also has its mixed review of indicators that don’t seem to create a great deal of “improvement” comfort for analysts.  Absent a strong motivating factor buyers will still sitting on the fence when it comes to making a home buying decision.  BUT … it’s not all sad faces ….
Sept 27 – … (0 comments)

lodi california: This week in Lodi – Real Estate related news summaries 9/19/10 – 9/26/10 - 09/26/10 11:54 AM

It’s little wonder that home buyers are still sitting on the fence when it comes to making a home buying decision.  This week’s news recap seems to be inconsistent and contradictory.  Those looking for a strong positive trends will have to wait for a future review …..
Sept 21 – Washington, AP - “Home builders still gloomy” – National Association of Home Builders report home-builder confidence remains at multi-month lows. The report shows August ties the worst showing since March 2009. “Regionally, builders in the West are the gloomiest, with their subindex a miserly 8.”  Consumer confidence and glut of … (6 comments)

lodi california: This week in Lodi – Real Estate related news summaries 9/12/10 – 9/19/10 - 09/25/10 10:23 AM

Sept 17 – Los Angeles, AP - “Home sale decline in August” – California homes sales dropped 14 percent from the year ago period reaching the lowest period for the month in three years. (San Diego based DataQuick is reporting source). Bay Area homes fell 10.9 percent and median home prices dipped to $385,000.  Foreclosures continue to account for over 30% of homes sales.
Sept 17- Stockton Record - “Stockton third in foreclosure notices” – Stockton was ranked third in the nation for foreclosure notices according to RealtyTrac.  The tracking form noted that 1 in 100 housing units received a … (0 comments)

lodi california: Above the fruited plain - 09/21/10 05:07 AM
Sometimes the "non-event" can carry as powerful a message as the featured event.  While celebrating with the citizens and guests of Lodi, California at the 73rd annual Grape Festival, I came to marvel at the mural on the back wall of the Pavilion. I'll apologize once, for the dark quality of the photos, but not for the message they convey...

The left panel of the mural depicts the tilling, pruning and planting activites of the vineyards during the winter and spring seasons.
The right panel of the mural depicts the growing and harvest seasons of the vineyard.
The main mural … (8 comments)

lodi california: California Cuisine - a couple of generations removed - 09/18/10 03:02 PM
I first learned of Funnel Cakes during the time I lived in North Carolina and visited relatives in the north east.  For me, they were absolutely the worst possible thing to eat - and I loved them.
So now when I travel to fairs and festivals I see that they have made it to the West - big time!  So I no longer bring homes packages of mix from my trips east, I just wait for the next fair. Fortunately, this weekend is the Lodi Grape Festival!
I thought that maybe other folks would like to see what a Western Funnel … (10 comments)

lodi california: New Memories for Old! Yesterday points to Tomorrow ... - 09/15/10 12:22 PM
The Grape Festival in Lodi, California starts tomorrow ... and with it will be a whole lot of new memories and pictures of the fun.  Sometimes it is fun to look back as well.
Here are two pictures that are related to the festivities that start tomorrow.  The first is another of the wonderful building murals depicting the fascinating past of Lodi.  It represents the Tokay Carnival (1906) and the Grape Festival (2006) - spanning a century of growth - and celebrating the change from table grapes to wine grapes. The second is a photo of the Lodi Arch, built in … (12 comments)

lodi california: Started by the railroad in 1869 …. Lodi, Ca is still a young town in 2010! - 09/13/10 02:35 PM

The official and unofficial histories of communities, towns, villages and cities do not always reflect the actual reasons that population centers evolved.  The "river runs through it" is the genesis of many towns and cities across the country, and indeed the world .... Here in Lodi, what runs through it is a different story.
Lodi, California is no different than many other cities ... but its original cause is heard daily ... as the whistles of trains passing through Lodi on their way to or from some other valley destination.
Sometime around 1869 settlers in the community enticed Central Pacific … (6 comments)

lodi california: This week in Lodi - Real Estate related news summaries 9/04/10 - 9/11/10 - 09/11/10 08:17 AM

Sept 5 - Stockton Record - CLOSED listing real estate transaction for Aug 3-Aug 10 from information compiled from County records:           Total sales:  144; Sales identified as Banks or REO-type:  67, with 42 different firms selling (top 3: Federal National Mortgage-13; Wells Fargo-11 ; 2-sellers with 3 ea ) New Homes: 4
Side note:  11 of the closings were Private Trust single sale transactions.
Focus on Lodi:  Total: 12; REO: 9; New: 0
Sept 4 - Washington, McClatchy Press via Stockton Record - "Home woes may affect children's success in school" - Eric Rosengren, President of the Federal Reserve Bank … (0 comments)

lodi california: New Homes are still selling in Lodi or San Joaquin County - weekending 9/05/10 - 09/09/10 01:19 PM
Incomplete reporting resulted in lower traffic numbers for new homes sites this week, but some new inventory has been added.  Manteca still continues to be the hot spot for new homes activity in San Joaquin County. The following information has been extracted from New Homes Sales and Marketing reporting companies and on-site visits for the week ending 9/05/10:
San Joaquin County:               Total Projects Reporting:  25; Traffic: 236; Sales: 11; Cancellations: 2; Net Sales: 9; YTD Sales: 431
Focus on Lodi: Total Projects Reporting: 0 - no further data is available
Lathrop reporting 3 projects: 6 new releases, 20 available inventories;
Linden reporting … (0 comments)

lodi california: Prize lists – Entry Guides and Rules – Grapes – and Sharks (!!???) - 09/08/10 02:14 PM
For 72 years Harvest time in Lodi has been celebrated in a special way.  The Lodi Grape Festival and Harvest Fair this year will continue that tradition at the 73rd annual celebration .... September 16-19.
The Prize List Book is the 33-page booklet with the "rule" for participating in the challenges and contests at the fair.  Prizes ranging from cash to ribbons are awarded for competitions Sections, Departments, Divisions and Classes.  (Adults - Viticulture - Division 10 - Class 26 - Red Flame Seedless:  The challenge - Grape display with 3 bunches.)  This year's "Around the World" theme will also be … (4 comments)

lodi california: Virgin found to be not so virgin .... - 09/06/10 11:46 AM

Recently the national press was in a tizzy over research concerning virginity ... and the lack thereof!  The focus of their vision was on "virgin olive oil" and how much of it was neither virgin nor even olive oil.
In the middle of this press-mess, I chanced upon a local vendor at the Farmers' Market.  He was VERY busy assuring all and sundry that his Virgin Olive Oil was truly Virgin Olive Oil! Plates afloat in his product and drizzled with aromatic balsamic vinegar, his invitations to "dip and taste" were readily accepted.
As I was enjoying the wonderful taste … (12 comments)

lodi california: "Green Grapes" in Lodi ... NO! Not that that kind of green ..... - 09/05/10 11:02 AM
Ok, sometimes terms can be a little confusing.  Green grapes has a kind of universal understanding ... something based on the expectation that they are table grapes, more often than not, a seedless variety.  But in Lodi, you have to ask .... Table grapes... OR... did you mean "SUSTAINABLE WINEGROWING?"
So what are Green Grapes in Lodi? These are winegrape growers that meet region-wide standards that have been endorsed by Protected Harvest, a non-profit organization that certifies farmers use stringent environmental growing standards.
Certified growers are subject to an independent third-party audit of their individual "viticultural" practices.  The audit reviews "sustainable"practices … (4 comments)

lodi california: This week in Lodi - Real Estate related news summaries 8/28/10 - 9/03/10 - 09/04/10 12:15 PM
Aug 22 - Stockton Record - CLOSED listing real estate transaction for July 25-Aug 2 from information compiled from County records:           Total sales:  196; Sellers identified as Banks or REO-type:  79, with 63 different firms selling (top 3: Federal National Mortgage-15; Federal Home Loan Mortgage-11 ; REO Capital Asset-4) New Homes: 5
Side note:  216 of the closings were Private Trust single sale transactions.
Focus on Lodi:  Total: 11; REO: 4; New: 0
Aug 29 - Los Angeles, AP - "Prices for artistic homes hit the skids" - reports Southern California's listings "are beginning to resemble an index to the country's … (0 comments)

lodi california: Here’s where Old MacDonald goes …. - 09/03/10 02:04 PM
The major streets in Lodi host the summer long Farmers' Market on Thursday afternoons and early evenings.  The market not only affords local vendors an opportunity to present their wares, produce and services - it acts as a mainstream of social activity throughout the summer.

This quiet-looking street will become one of the main sites of the Lodi Farmers' Market.  The no-parking signs start appearing on late Wednesday mornings.  By late Thursday afternoon (around 4:30) vendors, farmers, food sellers and professional trades-people will take over the pavement until dusk.

Milling throngs of shoppers and produce hunters mix with … (10 comments)

lodi california: Sssh!! Quiet! Com’ere … I’m gonna tell you the dirt on Lodi … don’t tell anyone … - 09/02/10 01:16 PM
OK, I admit this isn't about the dirt ON Lodi, but it is about the dirt IN Lodi.  This is after all, a Real Estate blog site .. so, sometimes we talk about real estate.
So let me start with telling you that there's a lot more about this wine stuff than just sniffing a cork and watching a server pour a little bit of nectar into a really big glass.  And it all starts, to use a NAR paraphrase, with the land beneath it all.
So thanks to our friends at the Lodi Wine and Visitor Center .... I have … (4 comments)

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