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NEWS FLASH FROM CNNMONEY.COM 7/31/07"CONSUMER CONFIDENCE NEAR 6 YEAR HIGH""The index stands at 112.6 up form 105.3 in June" the report says.I've got to ask;WHAT'S WRONG WITH THOSE CONSUMERS!!!!!!!!Haven't they been reading or listening to the news reports. The sun is falling out of the sky. Can't...
I think I have said before that some, how many I'm not sure, of the subprime loans that were written over the last 2-3 years would have qualified as FHA loans. Most of those buyers would have received fixed rate loans under 7% and would not be facing killer rate increases at this time.BUT, big bu...
Back in the old days, before laptop computers and cell phones we had this great financing program known as FHA. It was great for first time homebuyers and helped make homes more affordable. Back then conventional loans with less than 20% down were all called magic (actually mgic) loans, and we we...
It seems that everybody talks about taxes, but when it comes time to vote, well they're too busy or they think my vote does"t matter. Well I think that's wrong, but what do I know.We are going to have a chance to vote on the new tax plan in January and I'm not going to tell you it's perfect or ev...
Manny, many, many years ago when I was a younger man, I began a career in the mortgage lending business. I worked for a Boston based mortgage company and we were leading the charge into a new type of loan which was sold on the secondary mortgage market. Back then most people didn't know what the ...
I wrote this article back in July of 2007. I think it's time to revisit this issue!According to Websters:Fraud; 1. deceit; trickery 2. law intentional deception 3. a trick 4. an imposterĀ One of my latest was a client who wanted one of those loans where he could get $20,000 cash back at the closin...
I once read an interview with Richie Havens where he said when he sang this song on stage he was improvising. I was just thinking about what today means when this song started playing in my head. For you youngsters, Richie sang this song at Woodstock.Just a couple of thoughts. It seems that I can...
First let's talk about who may need a reverse mortgage.In many cases the senior who needs a reverse mortgage may appear to be in a good financial position. They own their own home, have a reasonably nice car, dress well, and appear to be in good spirits. Actually they may be cash/income poor, ove...
I am truly excited that the Florida State Legislators finally stepped up and took action on something worthwhile. No, I don't mean addressing the shortage of revenues, or planning for the increased aide needed if the new tax bill passes. I mean a real quality of life issue that will have new resi...

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