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I don't care about the doom and gloom being perpetuated in the national media, cause I've got to tell ya; Things are really happening in Southwest Florida! No bout a dout it! We've got first time homebuyers; They're baaaaaaaack! and they're extremely happy, you've got to see the smiles at the clo...
CNNMoney.com has an article today which states, "Economists should listen to consumers." But, Who are these consumers we should listen to? There are 5000 of them and they were surveyed by The Conference Board, a well respected private business research group, so we're told. Personally I don't kno...
There's a really interesting phenomenon that I've heard mentioned several times in regards to the foreclosure process. Here it is; Do the mortgage holders have a copy of the note and mortgage? They may not! as crazy as that seems. That raises the question can they prove that you owe the money and...
Opps, the loan officer didn't lock the rate and the rates increased, does my buyer still qualify? Well maybe, but maybe not! In todays world of restricted quidelines a buyer who has an approval at 6.5% may lose that approval if the rate increases to 6.75%. We may not like it, but That's the fact ...
So, what's going on with rates? I checked the market first thing this morning and we were getting crushed. Colin Barr, a senior writer for "Fortune," reports that the Fed has reversed its course. That fighting inflation is now its priority. That would mean that there will not be any further derea...
Why? you may ask? Well in Southwest Florida, where I live, there are a lot of condo's and a couple areas of concern. As a lender the first question that I ask a buyer or a Realtor, in regards to the condo, is what is the investor ratio. Lenders feel, and the numbers back us up, that condominium c...

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