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I don't know how to react to this. I want to laugh and cry simultaneously. CNNMoney.com today ran an article about a New York state investigation into mortgage fraud. Try this on for size; A women with no assets, working as a $10/hr. security guard, with two young children, and living in a homele...
Here's how ridiculous this is. I attempted to divide $11.68 billion by 10 cents so I could show how many dimes that is. When I went to punch in $11.68 billion on my Texas Instrument Business Analyst calculator it wouldn't go that far. It would only go to $1.168 billion. There you have it; My calc...
Okay the President signed this bill, no one's surprised. Also there are not many individuals who believe that George truly understands the problem, or that he and Congress have any clue whatsoever as to how to solve the problem. Will this bill actually rescue anyone? The mortgage holders must agr...
Thank goodness that we've finally been bailed out with new goodies involving the FHA. However, weren't we bailed out with FHA changes before. Considering the great success of FHA Secure I don't know why we would need any additional help. Killing the DAP's I'm relieved that we finally got rid of t...

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