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If you want to be a naysayer and whine about the market just stay away from the bus driver (Jay Lagace) and Robin Whitt. They are not listening and they just don't want to hear it. I think their message to the world is to take that attitude somewhere else. So, why Congratulations? Johnnic and Lag...
Yesterday the gov updated the second quarter GDP report to show; the economy grew at a 3.3% clip. That's pretty good! Generally, it is perceived that a rate of growth between 2.5% and 3.5% means the economy is healthy. Okay, we had the stimulas checks, and may I add that they worked. These checks...
Okay, so I'm reading the latest CNNMoney.com article about Fannie & Freddie and all of this negative stuff is starting to get on my nerves. Let's see if this makes an sense to you. I am an American with an ATTITUDE! I believe that there are not any problems that exist in our country today that we...
I'm beginning to wonder when or if you can trust the national media. Early this morning, 7:30 AM to be exact, it seemed if there wasn't a major story, that they would try to make one. The Weather Channel was cute. They had a reproter with an LL Bean windbreaker on. He had his hoodie on over his h...
Well we didn't get hit by a tropical storm or hurricane today but we really got wacked by our normal mid afternoon thunder and lightning storm. That means we had moonsoon type rain for awhile. Some interesting things. I tried to get some gas at about 6:00 this evening. The Site station was sold o...
I want to know. Is there really a storm or is this just a hoax by Home Depot and/or Lowes to generate more sales. I saw a CNN reporter in the Keys summerizing an interview he has with a gentleman who was rowing out to his sail boat. It went like this; Are you leaving? Nope. Are your friends leavi...
Okay, last week my primary FHA lender sent out the usual email about how great they are and how much they know. In reading through the mail I noticed that it stated that you can only have one FHA loan. Well that's not correct, so I responded in kind. After a couple of responses back and forth my ...
Okay forget fannie and freddie, they don't really matter. The truly important data is out. An important, world renown American Corporation has announced its July earnings.  That's right Mickey D's is still showing a profit! That's 8% globally and 6.7% in US stores and the good part is that there ...
Okay Freddie slashed it's dividend 80% or more. GOOD MOVE! They shouldn't be paying a dividend at this time. In the big picture the dividend cut is prudent behavior. The cut should produce an annual savings of $500 million. Net interest income "soared," CNNMoney.com reported, to $1.5 billion from...
Okay before we all get to crazy here things are not all that bad. The DAP's are soon to be history. You can try to get one by now, but you could get caught by the deadlines. In all likelihood there will continue to be assistance programs from state and county agencies. But the new premise is that...

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