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If the elections weren't so close the bailout would have passed. There's little doubt in my mind. Fortune reports that calls to Congressional offices are running overwhelmingly against the bailout plan. Because of the upcoming elections our elected reperesentatives were; Forced to Listen! That's ...
Okay, you've gotta know. You hopefully didn't just pull this number, 700 Bil, out of thin air, or did you? So who gets what? How about a little breakdown. Let's just start with the top 5. You know, like 5 Bil to ______? 25 Bil to _______? Share this info with us please. We'd like to see if any of...
Okay, you've got a customer who needs a loan BIG TIME! I mean that they're on their last leg. They've made some really, really bad financial decisions, so they won't qualify for a loan through conventional/traditional sources. They're defaulting or soon will be defaulting on their financial respo...
CNNMoney.com reports that 91,000 families lost their homes in August. I really have no foundation, nor concrete data to make this statement, but I think that's BS! Here's why. Let's start with a definition; family- parents and their children; all those decended from a common ancestor, lineage I h...
Has anyone ever heard of a gentleman named James Lockhart? Probably not! Mr. Lockhart is the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and he is now the overseer, man in charge of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Should we be happy about this? Do you feel comfortable now knowing that James is in charg...
I wanted to wait a few days to see if my initial reaction would stand the test of time. I certainly believe at this time that it will. We have two basic and conflicting beliefs here in my opinion. Do you believe that the Federal Government can solve our problems and should they be allowed to. Or ...

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