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I really haven't heard much discussion recently about the fading hombuyers tax credit. Hey buyers in; Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, San Carlos Park, Estero, Bonita Springs, Collier County Pay attention now! If you want to qualify for the credit you must be under contract by April 30th and...
First of all, I think that there are probably many different opinions as to what would be considered successful. I don't think that we went into this with a clearly defined goal such as, if 50% of the modifications work than they're successful, or 75%, or 90%. I think that that was not establishe...
Okay a potential buyer calls, emails, whatever and here comes the #1 question, "what are your rates?" Really at that point the honest answer is "I don't know." I once read somewhere a comment by some, I'm sure, insightful sales trainer that buyers ask, "what's your rate," because they don't know ...
Okay let's quickly get through the first circumstance. If you don't have the income, you don't have the loan. That's all folks, pretty easy, huh? Next; If you don't report the income on your tax returns, you don't have the loan. I make more $$$, but Don't waste your, or my time with the rest of t...
Well we've gotta blame somebody for the problems, right? Actually no, but i think we just like to. blame (websters style)  accuse of being at fault; put the responsibility on; responsibility for a fault My first thoughts are what does placing the blame on someone or something accomplish? Is that ...
Okay, like it or not, things are improving. Even C(onstantly) N(egative) N(ews) is forced to publish positive data. It must be killing them! From Chris Isidore, senior writer, salaries and wages increased in February, the first increase since 2008 the increase represents $42 billion extra dollars...
Okay bring on the naysayers. But Jay, but, but ,but But Nothin!!! "service industries in the US expanded in February at the fastest pace since October 2007," so says Bob Willis on Bloomberg.com Last week GDP figures showed a 5.9% fourth quarter growth rate which followed a 2.2 % increase for the ...
I was looking at this contract to purchase this morning, its a FAR/BAR contract, and I was staring at the verbiage "As-IS" at the top of the contract. It's there twice, once in bold print by itself and once in this statement; "As Is" Contract for Sale and Purchase My thoughts were that this has l...

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