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Is this insane, or am I just confused? Am I missing something, or do I just not have the ability to understand? What is it you may be thinking? Get to the point Jay. Here Goes; A lender/investor has a client who owns a property where the mortgage exceeds the value of the home. That seems easy eno...
Just the other day I posted an article about "Portfolio Loans" making a comeback in Soutwest Florida. Remember now, a portfolio loan is one where the lender/investor establishes the guidelines, makes their own rules, so to speak. It's their $$$$$, and they are free to lend it as they chose. Once ...
I'm sure of this. The Cape loves you. It's a great place for you and your family to live. How do I know this? I'll tell you how, it's obvious. You drive down Colonial Blvd in Ft. Myers headed toward Cape Coral, and you cross the new, or not so new Cape Coral Bridge, and walla, you're on Veterans ...
Do you remember portfolio loans? yes? no? Do you know what they are? A "Portfolio Loan" is essentially a loan that a lender/investor keeps in their portfolio, that being that they don't sell it to anyone. Because of this the lender/investor gets to make the guidelines. It's their rules. In the ol...
Okay today, while working and listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN, the conversation was directed toward Derek Jeter who cheated? deceived? or did his job in regards to being hit by a pitch in the game last night. He wasn't actually hit by the pitch, it hit the bat. Now, seeing the i...
Birthday? Yup...911 This used to be an emergency phone call, but now, well for awhile now it's been a national day of mourning...a day of anger? amongst other things. Reflections, and other points of interest...maybe only to me Have you seen my picture on my profile? Do I look like a terrorist? W...
I thought I'd just try to address some issues here and try to keep it light. I just read a post comparing flipping and rehabs, and I just took a mortgage application for a property which is a flip. The buyer does want a convential loan. Should be easy right? Not necessarily. I wasn't told intiall...
Okay here's a challenge to those who brought us HVCC. Show us a benefit. What improved? Answer NOTHING First and without challenge; HVCC increased the cost of appraisals to the consumer. This is just a fact. It cannot be argued. The cost of appraisals on the average run about $75-100 above what w...
All Talk Radio Are you a big fan? They talk a lot, they often discuss serious issues, often not, but They don't do anything. Do you knowingly, or not, model your business after All Talk Radio? Yesterday I posted about a system, business plan, that centered around meaningful conversations. Meaning...
Where has 2010 gone? Anybody know? Cause here's a nasty fact; Down the stretch they come That they is us, in case you didn't figure it out. See it was plain to me because I know I'm a salesperson. But it amazes me how many salespeople don't want to admit that that is what they are. It further ama...

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