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If your client had your business card in their hand, and walked right up to you, would they know that it's you? Be truthful now, yes or no? Do you look 5 years younger, 10 years or more, in the picture than you actually are? If so, how come? What's wrong with you as you are now? What do you think...
The first thing we need to do is to STOP all the bickering, and truly work together! There certainly is a big change going on in the attitude of most Americans. The new administration is failing. Despite all the promises made we're making about as much progress as we did under Jimmy Carter, remem...
CNNMoney.com reports today; 6 days and counting. "the Obama Administration is confident that it has the 60 votes it needs to get Bernanke another term." Is this a good thing, or not, and do you care? The White House say, "we need his leadership." But Senators on both sides of the ailse don't nece...
Have you sold a property in 2010 involving a buyer needing a mortgage? If you have; Are we having fun yet? If not, your day will come. Well the new improved GFE is now a reality. Live from HUD, it's GFE hell! My important dates say I'm offering you this rate until the end of the business day, tha...
It seems everybody in the marketplace was happy to hear that FHA has waived it's 90 day waiting period for the resale of properties. They did didn't they? Well they did grant a waiver if you meet certain conditions, what did you expect. First and foremost; It must be an ARMS length transaction, w...
CNNMoney.com has published their recent findings in regards to the 100 Best Companies to work for. Two things struck me immediately. First; This is CNN, I mean Constantly Negative News, and the article is like positve. Even the title uses the word Best I'm going to have to ponder this a bit. Seco...
Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes! Boy, I love Bowie, I can just hear the music in my head. Turn and face the strain, ch, ch, changes. David Bowie lives on. So does the FHA and the way that we do business. Four changes; 1. Upfront MIP increase The upfront MIP will increase from 1.75% to 2.25%. On a $100,000 lo...
If you're getting blasted with frigid temperatures, and snowy dreary weather, and you'd like to admit that you are no longer enjoying it, I have a suggestion. COME ON DOWN! After a brief period of discomfort here's what we're looking at; Today (Thurs.) sunny high around 72 degrees not bad, not ba...
I personally had been advising clients to consider this technique for years, so when I saw it in print as being part of Dave Ramsey's plan, well I couldn't do anything else, but agree. Mary Vinnedge in her article entitled, "Man with a Plan," written for the February 2010 issue of Success Magazin...
Long Live the KING! I started as a mortgage lender about 30 years ago, back in the great state of New Hampshire. The number 1 lending program at that time was FHA In todays market not only is FHA the King of Governmental lending, it's just flat out the King of Lending! I wouldn't want to think wh...

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