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Integrity;  completeness, wholeness   2. unimpaired condition, soundness   3.honesty, sincerity, etc. reading the definition, they don't really have a prayer, do they? Who, you may ask? why the banks, investors, attorneys, mersters, servicers;  ie; the FORECLOSERS! Okay this is a real easy test. ...
Okay, I checked out Bloomberg and I just couldn't find any new "foreclosure freeze" stuff. So I zipped over to CNNMoney.com, and...nothing...nada. So, what's up? Bank of America has told us they're going to resume with the foreclosure's and why not. Here's a question I would like someone to answe...
The New York Times reported in an article entitled "Bankers Ignored Signs of Trouble on Foreclosures," that at Chase the employees hired to review and sign off on foreclosure mortgage documents were referred to as the Burger King Kids that was because most of the hires were walk ins who were so i...
From Webster's trust;   belief in the honesty, reliability, etc.  of another In an article entitled "Do they trust You," John Maxwell talks about what he calls trust builders. His reference and definition of integrity as a trust builder stood out. Here it is according to Maxwell; integrity: actin...
Let's start out by stating that Homepath is a financing option only available for Homepath properties, imagine that. Homepath properties are Fannie Mae foreclosures, and eligible properties can be found on their website. www.homepath.com So, what's the big deal? Here's the big deal; low downpayme...
Where's "Meatloaf" when you really need him? Stop right there, I need to know right now, before we go any further... To foreclose or not to foreclose, that is the question. Right now it appears that the answer is NOT! At least for most of the big boys. All of this is not yet totally clear, but wh...
Bloomberg recently reported that B of A, one of America's truly consumer oriented lenders, ya right, plans to end home loans through brokers. I'm not sure that they'll be missed, B of A that is. The article further states that B of A made $8.2 billion dollars of mortgage loans through mortgage br...

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