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2010  wow, I've been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years, but I'm not sure I've had this much fun.  GFE They gave us a new GFE, actually they forced it upon us. It's 3 pages and replaces the 1 page form. HUH? I need another form to actually explain what the buyers real costs should be. Tha...
If your buyer really wants to improve their scores the information is everywhere, and it's not hard to interpret or to establish a plan, BUT let me go back to if your buyer "really" wants to improve their scores If they don't, and their scores are low, let's say below 640 for the sake of argument...
I found this in a book I'm rereading by John Maxwell entitled "Talent is Never Enough." It came from Ian Harvey, who was/is the CEO of a comapny called BTG. Olde Ian would ask his "inner circle" to tell him the following; Two things he should stop doing Two things he should keep doing Two things ...
Rates are up!!! Is the proper response, oh no! or who cares? Are rates having any effect, whatsoever, over purchases, or is just really nice to have a low payment? I lived through 18, 19, 20% rates and we still had some sales, and we were very thankful, when the rates began going down. At that ti...
I noticed this article this am, it kinda just jumped out at me, written by Colin Barr for Fortune, and posted on CNNMoney.com. It was the article's title which caught my attention "Deadbeats hate their banks" Colin references a study by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services that states; "Hal...

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