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Inman News reported yesterday that Fair Issac, the company that brought you FICO scores has developed a system to predict which homeowners are the most likely to engage in a strategic default, that being homeowners who have the ability to pay, usually a good credit history, but still choose to wa...
It seems like just a couple of years ago one of the big stories in Southwest Florida real estate was the great inventory glut. Why we had so many homes listed for sale it would take forever for all the homes to sell, and that was if there were no more listings. What a difference a few years can m...
why do I blog? let me count the reasons. It seems, and I imagine appropriately so that most "bloggers" blog because it's part of their marketing plan. Okay, that makes sense. "the rain" supports this idea, I believe, as they are constantly posting pictures of members holding checks, with big smil...
It just got better? Yes it did! If you're not familar with Fannie's Homepath program let me help you out here. If you are here's a refresher, with some new info, and a great new option. Fannie Mae offers the Homepath program for their foreclosed properties. They currently hold approximately 162,0...
Acquire a mortgage that is. In a recent article, Les Christie of CNNMoney.com writes, Prices are low! Mortgages cheap! But you can't get one Well to that I say horsehockey! I was thinking about another expression, but ruled it out. I'm just so tired of the negativism and dishonesty of our nationa...
Okay, the battle over Reg Z changes (Loan Officer Compensation) is over, maybe not totally, but the newest changes are effective NOW, actually yesterday. Here's some simple facts (as I see them) Less Competition Previous to last year, as regulatory changes forced me to acquire a mortgage brokerag...
So says JPMorgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce forum in DC, last Wednesday. "Principal writedown for people who could pay their mortgages? Yeah, that's off the table." Quote, Unquote (for emphasis, and clarity) Here's one man's opinion (mine), and I will attempt to make it...

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