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CNNMoney's Les Christie was nice enough to sort through some of the Census data to make a few points about our population. So here's the answers to where the oldsters live. like anything else it depends on how you figure it. If you use the new Census and base it on median age, it's not Florida, a...
Catchty, aint it. Okay to be perfectly clear who is the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection is, or the CFPB as it is also known. Here's from the Treasury website; the Bureau of Consumer Financial protection will be an independent bureau within the Federal Reserve System that will help empower...
You know, some books age real well. You can pick them back up, whenever, and the value's still there. Here's one; Something to SMILE About by, well later. I really had to think about this one. Consider the turtle. The only time it makes progress is when it sticks its neck out. Think now, how many...
Your being wiped out. Not totally, but close. Here's a statement from the Florida state office, most of Lee County is ineligible When will this occur? According to the USDA not before September 1, 2011, so you may still go online and use the existing eligibility maps. Beware, if this is the best ...
Let me start out by clarifying that statement. First, I'm talking about area eligibility. That is property location. Second, I'm a Southwest Florida Loan Originator and will focus mainly on that area. But, there are some generalities that apply to the whole state and/or the whole country. As the ...
I'm known to be the master of the obvious. We're missing a traditional part of our market. that being those sellers who became buyers, either buying up, or often here in Southwest Florida, downsizing. What happened? well you know. They're stuck with properties they can't sell, or have chosen alte...
Sometimes when I read postings and/or comments online all I can think is WOW Did they really say that? for all the world to see. YUP! Here's a few thoughts you might want to have, before clicking send. If someone googles you, this is what is going to show up, your recent comments. Whatever they m...

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