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I hope you didn't need to click on the title just to check the answer. their is no more deserving buyer in this country than a VETERAN I'm not going to get into a long winded explanation, because if you don't understand why I would say such a thing...well Have you ever helped a Veteran utilize th...
that's a fact Jack! or anyone else. despite what you may continue to read in some of the national print and online publications I'm going to give you 3, count em 3, options to purchase a home with a 620 credit score, and little to no downpayment. Always, always, always; VETERANS first VA Mortgage...
Two articles caught my eye yesterday while checking CNNMoney.com for any bond yield changes. It is a real quick way to monitor any movement. You have to remember that C(onstantly) N(egative)N(ews) just loves putting the olde negative spin on their stories, whenever possible, but when I saw "Secre...
First of all let me make a point here. If you're not familar with fannie mae's Homepath you really should take some time and check it out. There's some additional sales there! that's  www.HomePath.com Specials!   Specials!   Specials! First for the buyers; for buyers purchasing primary residences...
that's just a fact Aside from the typical climate offered in Southwest Florida, there just is no disputing that Cape Coral is truly, as it is known as WATERFRONT WONDERLAND This is just an indisputable fact. Now, how can I say that you may ask? Well, let's start out by mentioning that Cape Coral ...
First things first; on June 28th, despite a previous announcement to the contrary, USDA/Rural Housing announced that the current eligibility maps would not change. that means, well check it out for yourself go to  http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov and click on the state of Florida. On the right...
So, you want to be a government lender? get used to changes, some of which may make no sense and come with no explanation. On May 5th the Florida Department of Rural Housing announced changes to the eligible areas in Lee County. At that time they summed it up with the following statement; most of...

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