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Well are you? or maybe you're not familar with Homepath. You know, like what's a Homepath? Homepath is actually an excellent financing option, provided by fannie mae, to sell their foreclosures. That's right fannie mae, FNMA, properties only want to check it out for yourself, that's www.homepath....
You just don't know how many functions, Realtor Breakfast's, WCR functions, etc, where I hear this all the time All my buyers pay cash I admit that there is a great deal of $$$$$ flowing into Southwest Florida, and in spite of the inaccuracies being reported by the national media, there has been ...
I was talking with my boss, Joanne, the other day, and I told her that I thought one of the good signs for our market was that there were suddenly dumptrucks everywhere, in some cases blocking or slowing down the traffic. For a mortgage lender dumptrucks are a good sign, because that means people...
Way back, many, many years ago I entered into the mortgage business and I started out by working for a mortgage company. Over the 30 plus years that I have been involved in mortgage lending I have worked for several banking institutions, but actually still as a mortgage banker. I always find it i...
I am a licensed "Loan Originator" working for a mortgage company...what does that mean. as a "loan originator" I need to meet certain specific financial and educational requirements in order to qualify for licensing through the NMLS, the national licensing sytem established to regulate a "Loan Or...
I live in Southwest Florida where the concentration of Veterans is very high, one of the strongest in the country. We should be proud of that here, and yet as a lender I don't see many Veterans using their VA benefit to purchase a home, and for the life of me I just don't know why. I have some su...
I can't believe that I still hear people stating that you need a 20% downpayment to buy a home today. I sometimes hear this from my Realtor friends. Let me take a quick moment and address my Realtor friends. In Southwest Florida we have been swamped by $$$$$ buyers. I mean they're everywhere. Bec...

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