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Okay I teach a segment of a first time homebuyers course in regards to the mortgage process. One of the things we cover is the documentation which is required to obtain a mortgage. But do we really know up front everything that is needed? Actually No, it's a mystery But as a loan officer, here's ...
well do ya? or are you just going to wave your flags, put on a nice shirt, maybe with an eagle or something on it, and leave actually helping Veterans acquire homes to someone else. You may disagree, and you may argue with me, but I am thoroughly convinced that there are many Veterans who could b...
that's a quote from George Bernard Shaw. Some people think that good olde George was a wise and inciteful human being. Some of the younger ones amongst us may be thinking Who? their loss. George went on to complete the thought; how will you know what people heard when the communication is one way...
well is it? are you not quite sure what it is? let me help, if I can. Websters; overlay   1 spread over   2 cover with decorative layer Not sure that helped much? or did it? I'm going to throw out the "cover with a decorative layer," because some of the overlays I've seen applied to mortgage guid...

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