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Maybe it's better So, I went to a meetup hosted by Kevin Tolbert of Keller Williams the other day, at PABBQ in Port St Lucie, and I got revigorated in regards to Active Rain. The same day I wrote two articles, and posted them for the first time in a little under a year. So what happened, you may ...
To all of you out there who have and do use USDA financing for your clients, and to all who should consider it, to quote Bob Dylan the times they are a changin and you best pay attention the first and biggest change is with the property eligibility maps applications received beginning October 1, ...
i've been away from the Rain for awhile. It seemed to me that since I had moved to the treasure coast from over on the Gulf, Ft. Myers, and Cape Coral more specifically, that Active Rain wasn't as active. At least that's what I lead myself to believe. I've been a Rainer for, I don't know for sure...
sometimes I just look at what I'm doing, shake my head, and say God help us. the new or most recent mortgage math says that we can allow a buyer, including a first time homebuyer, to use up to 50% or more of their "gross" income towards their PITI and toal monthly debt. does this seem a bit insan...

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