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When I was first introduced to this program my response was ... really, get outta town.A true second mortgage, leaving the first in place, up to 4 million (minus the first balance).So i can do home improvements, debt consolidation, buy a condo at the beach cash, a place for my kids to live will t...
Okay Seniors, this one's real cool!Now remember, when I say Proprietary Reverse that means we have the capacity to deliever a mortgage up to $4 million, with optional monthly payments. So if you so choose, you need not make any payments for...well let's say; the rest of your life.So why do I like...
When I describe the features of a Proprietary Reverse Mortgage to one (or more) of my Realtor friends, without telling them what it is, or what it is called, I almost always get intense interest, and why shouldn't I?Today, I'm going to stick with the value to my Realtor friends, which is to creat...

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