homepath: Current "fannie mae" Homepath Specials; get em while they're HOT! - 07/04/11 06:33 AM
First of all let me make a point here.
If you're not familar with fannie mae's Homepath you really should take some time and check it out.
There's some additional sales there!
that's  www.HomePath.com
Specials!   Specials!   Specials!
First for the buyers;
for buyers purchasing primary residences fannie mae will pay 3.5% of the purchase price toward YOUR closing costs!
Also, just a reminder here, it's only a 3% downpayment, AND because of the fannie mae "FIRST LOOK" policy, you get first crack at the properties, as investors can not make an offer over the first 15 days.
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homepath: Are you buying a Fannie Mae Foreclosure in Charlotte County? check out HomePath financing - 03/14/11 01:58 AM
Why you may ask?
What is HomePath financing?
I'm glad you asked.
HomePath financing is offered exclusively by FNMA (fannie mae) for FNMA (foreclosed) properties. The program offers the homebuyer some "perks" which aren't available with traditional financing.
they've sweetened the pot, so to speak 
For the primary (owner occupant) buyer the program offers;
a low downpayment-3 %
no monthly mortgage insurance
no appraisal is required-the value (accepted offer) is the appraisal as far as fannie is concerned
a 660 credit score is required
For the second home buyer
a 20% downpayment is required
still no appraisal is necessary
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homepath: Fannie Mae's HOMEPATH; an Outstanding Financing Opportunity for both Buyers & Realtors! (you've gotta read this) - 10/10/10 05:08 AM
Let's start out by stating that Homepath is a financing option only available for Homepath properties, imagine that. Homepath properties are Fannie Mae foreclosures, and eligible properties can be found on their website.
So, what's the big deal?
Here's the big deal;
low downpayments, as low as 3% with
NO PMI   (that's not a misprint)
no appraisal is necessary
Homepath properties do not require owner occupancy, but the listings are often/usually offered to owner occupants first.
This is not exclusively a first time homebuyers program, but is an excellent first time homebuyers program.
Okay, so you're really not that impressed.





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