palm beach county broward county: REVERSE MORTGAGES: simple but powerful - 11/07/18 07:22 AM
let's just look at what everybody knows, well maybe everybody knows, or hopefully everybody know, or maybe somebody knows.
a Reverse Mortgage does not require the buyer (purchase) or the homeowner (refi) to make a monthly payment!
So let's say the required principle and interest payment is $1,000 a month currently, and the senior acquires a reverse mortgage. the required payment is now...
simple math; that's $12,000 per year, $60,000 every five years, and $120,000 every 10 years
the obvious is that that will change the seniors financial position immediately. so what to do with the $$$$
it's their choice; investment, add to the retirement nest … (2 comments)

palm beach county broward county: Reverse Mortgages; the Fairway way (your clients deserve the best) - 08/24/18 08:57 AM
I have a secret to tell you...I'm a baby boomer, class of 52.
We grew up on service.
Remember full service gas stations where they washed your window, checked the oil. Boy those were the days.
so when you talk with a mortgage lender about a reverse mortgage, is it okay if they just get you started, and pass you off to someone else, or do you want full service?
do you feel more comfortable when the lender who is at the end of the process, closing your loan is the same lender who was there at the beginning?
the Fairway Way
when you apply for an … (4 comments)





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