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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!



Sharon Simms mentioned something in her blog today -- Keeping ActiveRain Blogs. She talked briefly about SnagIt. I just had to expand on what Sharon said because SnagIt is just too useful not to share with my fellow Rainers.SnagIt is the greatest invention since TiVO. I simply couldn't live witho...
Links. If you have a web site, you've probably heard about how important they are. There are reciprocal links, one-way links, internal links, in-line links. There are hyperlinks, hidden links, link targets, good links, bad links, link farms and many more (including the world famous Jeff Link).LIN...
I just spent almost two hours digging for ActiveRain gold. And did I ever hit the jackpot! After reading Matt's blog asking how we cruised the AR blogosphere, it struck me how many people said they looked at featured posts, most commented, and associates blogs. And I understand that, really I do....
Street signs and real estate. Seem to go hand in hand.... And AR does rock!  (Link)  Thanks Sellsius! 'Nuff said!  (Link)  Thanks Maureen!! Fun to play with, but on a more serious note, they are kinda sparking some marketing ideas. Especially the street sign thing -- flyers, website graphics, pos...
Well, one will be ON the radio. Greg Swann, who doesn't stop by here often enough, will be a featured speaker. Yours truly has been tagged to be the "Guest Blogger" and will be participating virtually through his well-worn keyboard.Greg tells the story best on his *excellent* Bloodhoundblog. In a...
You can't open a newspaper, log on to an internet news site or turn on the car radio without hearing about rising mortgage rates. It's everywhere. It's relentless.There's a bit of panic in some of those voices. You'd think rates were rising to record heights. You've heard it... "Refinance that AR...
The tenth Carnival of Real Estate is up at BlueRoof.com Blog. And *several* of the ActiveRain bloggers have been noted! Congrats to Maureen Francis for being selected as one of the Top Picks!Other AR bloggers you've come to know and love that were included are: The Real Estate Tomato, Broker Brya...
My sweet bride and I recently had a land listing in an up and coming area northwest of Phoenix (Wittman, for those that know it or care). It was a little over 2 acres, and while it did have some structures, the values was completely in the land. We received several calls on the property, but alas...
Sigh…. they are at it again. The media’s obsession with Chicken Little and his “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” panic is getting rather old…An article in today’s East Valley Tribune starts off with this little gem… It was no easy summer for home sales. May was the worst May in three year...
90 days ago, D.Challener Roe set out to enlist 2,996 bloggers to each write a tribute to an individual victim of 9/11. With the help of many and God only knows how many hours of dedicated work, he did it. A couple of weeks ago, I just sneaked in on the tail end of "2,996". I was the 2,956th blogg...


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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!