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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!



For the first time in 19 years, Nevada is NOT the fastest growing state in the country. That distinction now belongs to Arizona. The Census Bureau released numbers today showing Arizona had the fastest population increase rate during the one year period ending July 1, growing at a rate of 3.6 per...
       There's a new NUMBER 1 in the state of Arizona, and his name is Tony Marriott!Combining an uncanny ability to invite people to the network (155!) and some great blog posts, Tony has taken over the top spot in Arizona -- a spot I've held since day 1.Remarkably, Tony's lovely bride Suzanne j...
The bounteous, beautiful, bubbly, blog goddess Mary McKnight posted today that she'd been "memed". What the heck is a "meme"? We'll let Mary explain. She's good:==============I was memed this morning by my friend and competitor, Paul Chaney of Blogging Systems. For those of you that don’t know wh...
On Thursday Dec 15, I set out to break the 24 hour Active Rain comment record. From midnight on 12/14 to midnight on 12/15,  I made 428 comments on Active Rain. The first question most people have is simple. "Why"?The simple answer is that there is something wrong with me.  The whole answer is ju...
I can safely say I'm crushing the record for most comments entered on Active Rain in one day. Why can I say that? Because I don't think anyone else out there is dumb enough to read and comment on posts for 13 straight hours like I've been doing since midnight! (or at least no one else is dumb eno...
EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: All comments are being made here on Active Rain (it's the easiest way to track progress, or lack of same). Guessing time ends at 10:00 ARIZONA TIME (11 central, noon eastern, 9 pacific). Ya got 46 minutes according to the official clock on my lap top.  Back on September 26...
OK, HUGE blunder this weekend while showing homes....A lovely young couple wanted to see some homes. We had 12 scheduled to see.Home #5 was a great house. The buyers took more time (by far) in this one than they had in any of the previous 4. Finally they'd seen enough, so we walked out side.I was...
Despite the bubbleheads predictions of the impending collapse of the real estate market in the known universe, real estate growth transactions continue to happen.Desert Communities, Inc (an affiliate of Vegas based Rhodes Homes) just plunked down 58 million bucks for 1,010 acres in the Southeast ...


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Here you'll find info on the Phoenix area real estate market. Plus who knows what else! Please visit our "other" blog, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy!