phoenix real estate: Media Hype and the "Phoenix Bubble" - 09/13/06 02:20 AM
Sigh…. they are at it again. The media’s obsession with Chicken Little and his “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” panic is getting rather old…An article in today’s East Valley Tribune starts off with this little gem… It was no easy summer for home sales. May was the worst May in three years. June was the worst June in six years. July was the worst July in seven years. And now August is checking in as the worst August in four years…
Worst worst worst worst. Using that word four times in the first five sentences of the article could … (7 comments)

phoenix real estate: Showing homes in 108 degree heat - 07/23/06 11:31 AM
Below is a re-hashed post I made last year on my blog. Yesterday I was out showing land and the thermometer read 114. It reminded me of this post, which many reader's have told me is their favorite. So I present it here for the Active Rain community....
Showing homes in the Phoenix area in the summer time stinks.
It’s hot in Phoenix in the summer. This summer has actually not been so bad. We had one week where it hit 114, but other than that, 105ish has been the norm. But I digress…
I was showing homes a few days … (3 comments)

phoenix real estate: SEO for Real Estate - 07/16/06 04:29 AM
"SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) -- you could spend a lifetime trying to figure it out. And about the time you get it figured out, Google and whoever will up and change things.
There's reciprocal links, back links, one-way links, natural links, link farms (a *really* bad idea). Flash vs. CSS vs PHP vs HTML. To JavaScript or not? Then there's new stuff like Ajax. There is keyword density and when and where to use <H1> - <H4> tags. If all this sounds like a foreign language, you are not alone.
Unless you want to pay for traffic via PPC (Pay Per Click), … (5 comments)

phoenix real estate: How Much Does a Pool add to the Value of My Home? - 07/15/06 09:40 AM
We get this question all the time. Here's the bottom line...Having a swimming pool built is not cheap. If you spend $20,000 on a pool, it will not add $20,000 to the value of your home. Sadly, it may add nothing to the value of your home. Don't add a pool to your home if you expect to recoup the cost upon sale. It just doesn't work that way. Add a pool to your home because you want a pool. A pool is an outstanding investment in terms of recreation, fun, enjoyment, enhancing the appearance of your back yard and it … (9 comments)

phoenix real estate: The Biggest Change in Phoenix Real Estate - 07/14/06 03:01 PM
The biggest change in Phoenix real estate over the past 12 - 18 months is inventory. In January 2005, there were 3,402 active listing in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. As of 15 minutes ago, there are 45,198 active listings.
How has this changed the way we do business? For one, you have to truly market a listing. With 3400 listings in a city the size of Phoenix, ANYONE could (and did) sell a home. It's much more difficult now. It's not as simple as "list it in the MLS and they will come.
Today there are more homes in Phoenix … (2 comments)

phoenix real estate: Phoenix Homes Sales Data for June 2006 - 07/13/06 12:51 AM
Phoenix area home sales data for June were just released, and of course the media is all over it, proclaiming doom and gloom for the entire Phoenix market. Sales are definitely down, to 2000 levels and that get the majority of press. What doesn’t get nearly as much focus is yet another record has been set for median home value. The market can’t be imploding as the media would like you to believe if prices continue to rise (generally speaking). Yes, the RATE of rise has slowed, but as blogged here a long time ago, the appreciation rates we experienced in … (1 comments)

phoenix real estate: Condo Conversions Slow in Phoenix Metro Area - 07/08/06 10:56 AM
Not suprisingly, condo conversions are slowing in the Phoenix area. 12 - 18 months ago, it seemed like there was a condo conversion happening on every corner. I recall a client I was showing some conversions to saying, "who is going to buy all these things?"
And he was right. Developers flooded the market and now there are too many.  Nice units in certain parts of town still sell well. Slashed prices are not uncommon in other parts of town. 
Condo conversions slow down in city
Luci Scott The Arizona Republic Jul. 8, 2006 12:00 AM
Buying apartment complexes for conversion to … (1 comments)

phoenix real estate: Snow in Phoenix Arizona?! - 07/06/06 12:52 PM

I love this picture. It flys against what a lot of people think it's like in the Phoenix area. Sure, it's a desert -- note the big giant Saguaro cactus...  And yes, it's hot as Hades in the summertime. But it's also much much more.
This picture was taken on March 6, 2006. Those are the Superstition Mountains. While it doesn't snow often IN Phoenix, it does snow AROUND Phoenix several times a year. And it can be stunningly beautiful.  It's the diverstiy of the terrain, climate, culture and people that make Phoenix and Arizona such a great place to live!
For … (1 comments)

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