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What’s that? It is one to which the old catch phrase applies – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or is your business the cynical opposite? “Do unto others before they do unto you.” I prefer the former. I meet both kinds of businesses and people. And worse. A careful considerati...
I am doing at least one new construction inspection every week, either pre-drywall or final walk through.  In every case, the line, "You don't need a home inspection" comes up.  It starts with the sales agent representing the builder.  "You won't need a private home inspection.  We are putting ou...
I did an inspection as a follow-up favor for a realtor client. It seems her listing had an inspection which revealed moisture in the corner of a basement wall. It is a 30 year old house and the seller is an older, single woman without much money. She needed to sell the house for financial reasons...
I still have a little one at home who believes in Santa. For one reason or another she procrastinated going to see him until today. This morning she woke up very upset.  She had been thinking.  "Isn't it Christmas now on the other side of the world?" (I have to say, the International Date Line wo...
My daughter decided she wanted another book for Christmas.  I needed to get it out today. It was wrapped and put in a USPS "Flat Rate" "Priority Mail" box. I went to the small local post office to mail it.  They are less busy and faster. They were closed.  The sign said, "Closed.  Too busy.  Catc...
What are "Bump Keys?"  Have you heard of them? Bump keys are an easy, Internet-available way for non locksmiths to get into your home.  Or most any home. And they are proliferating. Where are they coming from and how are they proliferating?  The photo to the right is of a set of bump keys. Notice...
There is a team of people needed before you buy a home. One of them is the home inspector. The inspector may be one of the cheapest members of the team, but a very important one. Years ago I wrote a newsletter that I passed out to all the realtors in my area entitled “All Home Inspections Are Not...
This is my favorite time of year! It is the season of light.  The Reason for the Season was announced with a new light in the sky.  This Reason is the Light of the world, a lamp unto our feet, and actually confounds darkness, which cannot stand in its presence. I think we should all let our light...
Did I say that the house is the house?  Well, sorry, I meant to say that the house is the house.  Sound the same?  It is.  That is something that never changes. At the end of my last inspection the other day, but before the thermal IR exam to follow, my client said to me, "So, tell me the truth. ...
In this final Home Inspectors and Codes post, let’s summarize. • In contrast to codes which specify minimum standards, nothing stops homeowners and builders from exceeding the code. • A code-compliant structure may not satisfy needs – an upstairs office may be too heavy for the code. • Home inspe...

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