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I am an early riser.  And always have been!  Most people are shocked by how early - I am usually up by 3am, though I sometimes sleep in until 4 or so.  The morning is my favorite time of day.  It is my quiet time.  I can think.  I can plan.  And I can do so unfettered by phones and interruptions....
It's been a long time - are outhouse laws still on the books? There are Port O' Potties everywhere, albeit temporary.  I have seen them in people's yards.  Hopefully they are there for a short-term reason.  But I don't know about outhouses.  Do sellers try to hide things?  Interesting constructio...
It was a lovely home, very large, bricked, huge hip roof with a gabled window on each side, and beautiful, newly-installed cedar shakes.  Gorgeous!  Outside and then inside.  And for $1.5 mil it should be! My client and I had a good time.  There was little to speak about really - for a new home I...
Recently I was asked about the weirdest inspection I have ever done. That was an easy one! Years ago I pulled up to a very well maintained property. Not much unusual at first glance – white siding, black roof, black shutters, window and door trim. As is my custom, I looked at the outside and met ...
An entire inspection of a foreclosure recently was spent with my buyer client and her "contractor."  I use the quotes around the word contractor intentionally. Not realizing I speak Spanish, in each room they were discussing the best way to hide this, or cheaply repair that, or cover this or clea...
I have thought a lot about the term “correct principles” since Charles Buell and I had our somewhat tedious exchange on the subject. You can read it here – http://activerain.com/blogsview/922326/Is-your-belief-a-Bully And you might as well, no one else did… But I digress. A very important questio...
I love Charles Buell! He invites me to think! I wish to develop some different thinking on his post… and I include some of his words. Belief against belief – that’s what we call war? Here’s a question! Could that be what caused the war in heaven? Or was it something else? This is a considerable t...
Sometimes when I am outside the house with a client we see indicators of what may be a problem once we get inside.  Such was the case on this particular house. Outside along the rear of the house, a driveway had been added years after the house was constructed.  The bricks at that location were d...

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