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I got an interesting email tonight.  It was from a client I visited on Saturday.  The Saturday visit was to help him out.  He is a renter and there is water damage to the parquet flooring inside the front door.  It only happens sometimes.  His landlord accused him of leaving the door open during ...
You have probably heard by now that our government, in all its infinite wisdom, has decided to stop purchasing condoms from its long-time supplier in Alabama.  The United States government is the largest purchaser of condoms in the world.  And it should be.  It needs a large and ready supply for ...
Well, you knew this was coming.  The Chinese drywall problem is worsening.  As it does, people will be looking for more and more remedies. http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2009/03/18/the-lawyers-have-landed-in-the-uproar-over-chinese-drywall/ In addition to the plumbing, electrical and air condition...
At first glance you may not notice everything this photo has to offer.  Most people would focus on the AC unit in the window, um, hole in the wall.  It is a long story, as it should be -- after all, it was a very long home inspection. The "structure" on the right is one of three (very) illegal ad...
Sometimes after a period of being together, a separation happens.  Often it is not the fault of either party.  I had three different houses last week with a no-fault separation, and thought it might be time for a post. The couple on the right has been at least near each other for 10 years.  At on...
I had a call from a prospective client.  She needed a home inspection.  Her first question was, "Are you an engineer?" What can I say?  "No, I am not.  Do you think the house needs to be seen by an engineer or a home inspector?" She didn't know.  "All I know is my boss told me to get a home inspe...

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