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I am self employed.  This means that I: Work longer hours for myself than I would ever work for someone else.  MANY more hours. Do very careful work. Have to think about all aspects of my business and how each affects the others. Wear more hats than I would working for someone else. Do NOT get to...
I was invited to and attended a very special military graduation today.  It took place at a U.S. Naval base on the east coast.  And it involved a small group of United States Marines who graduated from, to speak generically, a U.S. military intelligence training school.  My son was one of the gra...
I have the bad habit of arriving everywhere early.  To me it isn't a bad habit, but it does seem to rub others the wrong way! Arriving early to an inspection in a high-rise building, I was told to go on in and directly to the apartment.  After making my way through the security gauntlet, I went t...
Well, spring has sprung in most of the country.  I realize some of you have had summer for a while, and others are still getting snow.  But it is time for the Spring/Summer Home Maintenance List. We could call it "Some and Summer."  Works for me... These are in no particular order of importance, ...
This is another difficult post to write.  Because of its content.  It is frightful, for which I apologize. The beat goes on and on regarding the 500 million pounds or so of poisonous Chinese drywall.  It is affecting more and more homes, now estimated at over 100,000, and more and more people, an...
On an inspection a couple of weeks ago, a house had been added to and the addition and upgrades were sensational.  In the older part of the house, though, the outlets had been painted so many times that some were simply not usable.  On others the holes were all visible but somewhat closed off so ...
I could have taken 30 pictures of this small, front porch and roof. The seller, not from here, nor anywhere above the southern border, proudly proclaimed to the Realtor, not me, that he had built the small 6'x4' roof over the front porch stoop. I would have never guessed differently. Driving up I...
This goes back to 1989 or 1990 or so.  I was finishing up an inspection on a very nice house.  The inspection went very well.  As we were walking out of the front door, my client, an elderly and exceptionally polite Asian gentleman, asked me if I had a compass handy.  "Sure!"  As I am always some...

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