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Sometimes the cosmos throws you a blurry question mark.  Should you interpret it, get upset, throw it out as aberration or chalk it up to good luck? I received an email at 1130pm, from a potential home buyer, requesting a home inspection.  I get them all the time. I responded at 430am, typical fo...
I was excited recently when I was called to inspect a very historic property in Northern Virginia.  Built in 1902, it has been actively listed and on the market for two years.  No offers.  Historic properties abound here and I love seeing them.  The picture is blurry. The buyer had grand plans to...
This house is 52 years old.  The sellers decided to remodel. The little gem you see here is the underside of a former coat closet and part of an entry way that was converted into a full bathroom.  A powder room elsewhere was converted into a coat closet, nearer to the most-used door. The far cor...
Every inspection probably brings the opportunity to teach and learn.  A recent inspection was no different. This is the HVAC unit of a two-story, 60 year old house.  It was manufactured in 1993. While I won't go into everything possible here, there are some things worth mentioning.  They are all ...
I had a previous post, "I'll See Your Sump Pump, And Raise You A Drain," in which the sump pump was supposedly "grandfathered" and allowed to be plumbed into the sanitary drain.  Well, it turned out that there was no "grandfathering," which I knew all along.  That seller was forced by the County ...
My annual two-day vacation turned into a three-day!  The family spent a week at Virginia Beach, with me showing up for the weekend.  No pictures of the beach - I don't like taking the camera to the sand... It was HOT! Monday was spent at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA. It is certainly the best ...
No photos of disaster or creative ignorance.  No single problem to report.  But I AM tired of this. I arrived at the inspection of a short sale to the smiling owners (mostly undressed in a very hot, extremely filthy and cluttered house, sitting in the living room, watching TV) who immediately sai...

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