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When bathrooms are put into places they are not intended there might not be room to do certain things, like shower doors. This shower opening is so narrow that a sliding door might leave too small an opening (15") for some people to fit through. The alternative to a door is a curtain. When a cur...
Well, you just don't see this every day. I know I don't. So what do you do when your shower tiles are coming loose and water is leaking behind? How about some vinyl wallpaper? It's waterproof, stylish and easy to install. And, let the decorator in you come out!  Pick something that compliments t...
On a home inspection last week the house had a newly finished basement.  It was supposedly finished by a Class A contractor, who is also an investor.  The common term would be flipper. The Realtor told me this particular investor has flipped many houses in the area. Let's call him "Flipper."  Fli...
On a recent thermal examination of a house I was called on to find the usual - diagnose why rooms are hot and cold, if recent roof repairs stopped further moisture intrusion as intended, and so forth.  It went well.  I had a very unusual diagnosis to make also.  My client said, "When I am standin...
During a thermal infrared inspection today, among other things I was there to investigate, I thought this would be an interesting picture. This is a thermal image of a high efficiency condensing gas furnace.  It is the one you have seen with PVC tubing exiting the unit.  They are terrific furnace...
I have learned not to enter a property without an agent present.  I have learned not to be alone with a client during a home inspection without the agent present.  During the home inspection, I prefer to have the agent walking around with us and not sitting in the kitchen catching up on text mess...
  Old house, new boiler, new flue, new connection to the old chimney.  All good. Except for a couple of things. First, the hole beneath where the flues connect to the chimney has been filled with mortar. That is not good. Second, the new connection to the chimney required that the old connection...
It's that time of year again.  It's time for: THE LIST Specifically, the Fall/Winter Seasonal Chores List.  You have to do it anyway, so this gift is for you. Every year I will be driving home and hear on the news that it will get below freezing during the night.  That's the time I usually realiz...
I LOVE doing inspections on old, historic homes in Alexandria, Virginia. The city is so full of history, virtually everywhere you go. Over the years I have done many inspections on many historic homes there. Yesterday was no exception. This is a carriage house to a mansion directly behind.  It w...
Why don't I? Because either way I go I take it on the chin.  But if I don't mention it, sooner or later I will be bitten in the hiney. Bring up what? The two small, decorative roofs over the front porch roof window are not level - look at the trim.  The right side is much worse than the left, bu...

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