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At a home inspection yesterday on a brand-new house, my client was buying a home built by one of the companies that has installed Chinese drywall in the past. They are having obvious problems because of that installation. My client wanted assurance that there was no Chinese drywall in this house....
What do you think it is?  The microwave?  Toaster?  Hot tub?  Computer (for lots of reasons...)? Actually, it is none of the above. The most dangerous appliance in your house may be your dryer! Think about it.  Dryer fires cost Americans as much as $100 million annually!  They result in almost 50...
The house was warm, so I knew there was a furnace. The water was hot, so I knew there was a water heater. I just couldn't find them!  The layout of the (lovely) basement made it hard to get my house geography.  The six "bedrooms" were placed in a weird array.  The former laundry room was no more...
"Must See the Newly Renovated Basement!" Dèjà veux! This might seem similar to my previous post.  And it is. When the heat pump in that previous post did not come on, the first thing I checked was the panel box to see if the breaker for the heat pump was turned off. I was able to peek into the bo...
"Must See the Newly Renovated Basement!" So said the marketing info on the kitchen counter in the house I arrived to inspect. I could hardly wait!  OK, when I see things like that, lately anyway, I kind of cringe. When I enter houses for inspections, I begin by turning things on.  The dishwasher...
I was called to do a One Year Inspection prior to the expiration of the builder's warranty.  I do a lot of them. Looking at this deck and door from the rear yard everything seemed normal enough. Until I got closer. You might not notice it from this photo. I'm talking about what you see in the ph...

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