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Sometimes when things are done improperly the result can lead to other problems.   When, for example, a stone foundation is improperly repaired it gets wet.  If it gets too wet it can collapse.  When it collapses small gaps become huge holes.  (See my two previous posts)  Huge holes that didn't u...
Could PVC be the other white meat, I mean foundation support? Remember the 100+ year old property with the stone foundation?  Poly-foam had been used in many areas to "repair" mortar gaps in the foundation.  Here's the problem with that. In Virginia, a stone foundation dates a house before 1915 o...
Some jurisdictions go to great lengths to preserve the original architecture and appearances in older homes.  Alexandria, Virginia and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania are two towns that come to mind based on my experience.  Manassas, Virginia is one as well.  For years they fought the idea of replacing ...
I had the recent pleasure of inspecting a 100+ year old house in Manassas, Virginia.  I love historic properties! Sometimes on old houses the people want to retain the original historicity and keep original stuff. Like these front doors.  This particular house had two gorgeous side-by-side wooden...
Last fall I did an inspection on a house with the potential for foundation problems. It's topography has it in a bowl beneath the house beside and behind.  There is a hill between it and drainage to the street to the other side.  One rear gutter connected to a meandering plastic drain which empti...
One problem with growing older is that my eyes are less and less able to process light. So, I need more and more of it inside the house. We built our house almost 12 years ago now.  And we have done lots of remodeling over the years.  One thing I have always done is replace light fixtures we don'...
There was so much interest in my previous post!  I received as many contacts off line as on. I had many questions regarding the insulation, but two in particular:  Does icynene allow wood to breathe? Does foam insulation in walls and ceilings/attics encase too much moisture inside houses. To find...
A roof is best looked at from the roof.  There are times when binoculars are the best alternative to that.  But for the most part being up on the roof is the best way to assess it. But only when it's safe! I ended the year with a late afternoon, New Year's Eve  inspection of a country store with ...

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