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 "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." Gerald Ford, Presidential address to a joint session of Congress (12 August 1974)   And when totally broke Greece tries to pull back on only some of the "goodies" expected ...
Well, I often have houses with lots of problems.  This particular house had many, many issues.  The report was very long.  But there were two things that stood out. In 2004 someone decided to put in a new oil-burning heating system.  They selected a nice new system, very efficient.  Very nice! Th...
How often have you gone outside to see that the wind blew your fascia wrap off the house and not have the perfect nail to put it back up with? I know that's happened to me!  Well, don't let it happen again! Hi, Billy Jays here! I have just the fix for that problem! You need to Get Tacky!  That's ...
In case you have ever heard from a home inspector that he's seen everything, you will never hear that from me.  I see new stuff all the time! Take the hose bib outside this dining room bay window, for instance. It is a full 13' from the patio below.  It would be hard to reach standing on a basic...
I had always driven Ford Explorers, for many years.  They were great cars, a man's car.  They did NOT get great gas mileage, 14-16 mpg.  It got expensive with all my driving as a home inspector, some weeks 1,200 miles! In the spring of 2005 I heard that gasoline prices might hit $4/gallon that su...
I inspected a property with a "newly renovated basement apartment." It was a very nice-looking place.  Usually though, with remodels, you see signs that things were not thought out quite clearly. Take the example here.  This is the furnace closet.  It was tucked away in the only place they allow...
  "Government funding combined with university tenure leads to the distortion of science and bad public policy."                                       Dr. Roy Cordato, John Locke Foundation Well, we are sure seeing that now!  And even more when other monsters lift their heads - Cap and Tax for o...
Two things have happened in the past few weeks regarding Chinese Drywall.  I have been blogging about Chinese Drywall for two years, long before it hit the media or public conversation.  But two interesting things have happened recently which deserve comment. In April 2010, in Louisiana, and what...
One year inspection. Many findings. Normal for a one year. You have to wonder. "How long has this window been this way?" was my question to my client. "Since we moved in." "It was like this when you bought the house?!" "Yes." "Did you mention it to them on your walk through?  Or did they say any...
On Tuesday Troy Pappas came to spend part of the day with me.  Coming up early from Virginia Beach, we were together for two of my three inspections that day.  It was good to spend time with a fellow home inspector! On one house there was a large, wrap-around front porch.  I noticed that the ceil...

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