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to your front porch roof.  One day you might come home to find it missing! At least that's what I thought when I had a look at a new construction recently.  Overall it wasn't bad!  But some things just demand attention, and this was one of them. This is the outside end of the front porch roof.  I...
While in a crawl space recently I couldn't help but notice a poorly-founded beam.  This is the main support beam under the center of the original portion of a country home with numerous additions. The beam has moved as the makeshift columns underneath have moved.  This is very poorly done.  This...
Before we began an inspection the other day, the Realtor, whom I had not seen in some time, said, "Jay, I just want to apologize.  The last time we had an inspection you had some things to say about Chinese Drywall.  As I listened I thought you were crazy, that nobody would do that, and that you ...
  "The left's obsession with the high incomes of corporate executives never seems to extend to equally high - or higher - incomes of professional athletes, entertainers, or best-selling authors like Danielle Steele."                                                 Thomas Sowell When an "actor" c...
Even as a kid I was self employed and made my own money. When I was 13 we had a 6 week shop class called "Printing."  We learned how to select type styles from the various drawers of movable type, how to set it up and to print.  It involved type and a printing press which, believe it or not, look...
So, have you ever had that feeling? Well, lately I have.  Just yesterday, in my last inspection of the day, I am sweeping the house with my IR camera and guess who shows up? Remember the Virginia ghost from a previous post?  Well, he showed up again. This is an area famous for Mosby's Ghosts, lit...
A phone call came in from a client for whom I did an inspection in 1997!  Someone was doing work on the house and informed them that they had a lot of moisture in the crawl space and should call such and such company to evaluate it for them.  Neither is able really to go under there, or desires t...
The clients who called me had been in their house just under a year.  It was time for their warranty to expire and they wisely called a home inspector for a one-year inspection.  An obviously circumspect search engine suggested that they call me! Just after moving in they had severe leaking into ...
Hi folks! Have you ever been accused of not being a licensed electricity?  I know I have!  And do you remember the feeling you had when that accusation flew your way? Well, feel bad no more! Hi!  Billy Jays here! You need Billy Jays Electrical Institute!  Our institute will provide you the lates...
I get a lot of interesting phone calls, some with valid questions that need explanations.  This particular call was interesting to say the least, but with a different intent.  This call was from the listing agent of a property I inspected a few days ago.  The purpose of her call was to try to get...

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