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"The welfare state destroys the market mechanisms -- lessens free choice and willing exchange.  Simultaneously creating unnatural specializations, it must, granted statism's premise, resort to welfarism; that is, it must assume the responsibility for the people's welfare:  their employment, thei...
Multiple stud arrays, like the one of the photo on the left, are used when a major load needs to be supported.  Why?  Because it is easier to order a boatload of 2x4" studs than to order individual posts, of whatever material.  I have posted about this before. The problem with using so many studs...
DATELINE:  Northern Virginia – the purchaser of a new home was frantic to find a home inspector to try to evaluate why a floor in his home under construction moves up and down. The dining room floor bounces. And not a little bit! Looking on the Internet, this purchaser was able to find a local ho...
Whenever you see faux stone, pay very, very close attention. There are serious do-s and don't-s! Faux stone almost always abuts a different material.  In this case it is wood brick mold door framing.  Two disparate materials will expand and contract at different rates.  They absorb moisture diffe...
My eighth grade shop teacher was lenient with things we weren't expected to do well.  It was junior high school!  But on things we should do well (like my business cards I posted about another time) he was less forgiving. Ostensibly, a "professional" finish carpenter did the work in this photo. ...
It isn't often that I walk through a new home on a pre-drywall inspection that there is nothing to report!  This is quite the contrast to structural concerns like my post yesterday. It was very impressive.  I am not one who "has to find something" for the report to "justify" my fee.  When it's g...
I do a lot of pre-drywall construction inspections. These are important!  It is the only chance to see a house when it is skeletal.  You can see everything from structure to electrical to HVAC distribution to plumbing. One of the most important things to look at is how loads are distributed. Imp...
"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government"                                                         Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson read a lot of history.  He was familiar with peoples, societies and historical circumstance.  He read the philos...
It seems to me that there are two reasons for short sales - 1.  The house has decreased in value so much that it is no longer fun to pay for an asset worth so much less than its current value.  And who knows when it will regain its former value! 2.  Something has happened to the finances and the ...
Sometimes things are found during home inspections that should not be there.  And the reason has to be investigated.  This can be a regular Hardy Boys mystery sometimes and can be a lot of fun! It has been dry and on a patio not otherwise wet I saw the water you see here and the rotting wood.  Wh...

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