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On a recent new construction inspection I arrived much earlier than my clients.  I like to do that.  When they arrive I can greet them and introduce myself, and mention a couple of things about the house. Usually the supervisor comes to the house when he sees me.  Often he will say something like...
In the olden days the brick siding you saw on houses was structural.  There were two layers of brick, into what was tied structural members.  The brick was structural, the wood was interior.  Currently the brick siding you see is a facade, sometimes called a "veneer," and the wood interior is the...
"I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no interferes with any other men's rights."                                                          Abraham Lincoln I hear the word "right" from people who probab...
One of my pet peeves is driving through neighborhoods, trying to locate the house I am to inspect, and see no visible address numbers from the street.  That, or they are cleverly placed in the same illogical spot on every house, but not at all visible from the road. Such was the case with this ho...
Every day I pack a healthy lunch for my daughter to take to school. She takes it in one of those new-fangled, insulated boxes with the vented section to put one a small, frozen blue-ice container.  Everything, including her "100% juice" juice pack, stays cold. Someone stole it one day recently.  ...
Some new bath vents are real quiet.  In order to make sure one is working, I usually take a piece of toilet paper and place it up there to make sure it sticks.  But sometimes the fan is really, really quiet. On a recent inspection, the "flip" that was so much fun, we went in to test the "newly re...
While visiting my new grandson we took the opportunity to venture into the mountains.  We visited a place called "Sundance," a ski resort founded by Robert Redford.  When in the area filming the movie Jeremiah Johnson, Redford apparently fell in love with the area and literally bought it!  And, m...
Sometimes I pull up to a house that is recently sided.  In this case, the house was 47 years old, and I happen to know that in that neighborhood all the houses were originally sided with cement asbestos.  It's a pretty good product.  I still see that siding here and there, and it is fine so long ...
My friend Flipper does things that are truly laughable, if they weren't so sad! He is a creative fellow! On this house he decided to really spruce it up.  He decided to replace the siding, which was cement asbestos and probably pretty cracked up with new vinyl.  Then he covered the fascia boards...
This is the follow up to the previous post!  So, are there other dangers to refrigerators?  Sure!  They are an appliance you have to pay attention to just as you would any appliance.  Maintenance is everything!  But ... so is safety. TEMPERATURE The first thing is maintaining the fridge at a prop...

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