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How many of us can live without a fridge?  I would guess none! We kind of like ours - we have one in the kitchen, and a second in the basement along with two upright freezers.  And they are all full!  We have over 100 cubic feet of refrigerated space in our house!  Oh, I forgot the small one in t...
Probably throughout the course of human history, every time "the baby" has been taken out for a trip, it demanded 10 times the baby's weight in stuff to make that trip possible.  The historical 10: 1 ratio. For all I know, after the invention of the wheel, came the invention of the first baby wa...
"Under capitalism everybody provides for their own needs by serving others."                                 Ludwig von Mises Ever consider that? That as business people we are in the business of serving others? That is the very essence of capitalism, and a definition you will never hear from th...
Every winter, and depending on where you live maybe even before right now, you must winterize your exterior hose bibs.  That demands that you turn off the handle of the interior valve which services each hose inside.  Then you must open the handle of the hose bib outside.  And if you loosen or re...
It's not often you get to do this for the first time. Actually, you only get one shot at it. And first impressions are everything! This is my First Encounter with my first grand child! His name is Pace and I am PahPah. And we are getting along. Three weeks old at this point and doing great.  We ...
Hi friends!  Billy Jays here! Looking up at a boring roof every day? Sure you are!  What could be less boring than a nice, flat, perfectly-placed roof? Well, not much!          Introducing Ripple Yer Roof! Imagine how fun it will be to look up again at that roof and see the gentle sway of a Cari...
I take phone calls all the time from clients who say, "We turned on the furnace for the first time this winter, and it doesn't sound right." This is advice that I give to almost all of my clients: BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES, LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE FOR A YEAR.  EXPERIENCE IT ALL FOUR SEASONS.  LISTEN...
                    There is no more appropriate idea that flows from the free-thinking, economic mind of Milton Friedman then the idea that there is no free lunch. If you think somebody else is responsible to buy your food for you, vote Dem.  You can apply this in any of the various contexts fl...
I know all of you go Trick or Treating with your thermal infrared cameras, don't you?  For sure, I know I do!  Every year.  Nothing sets off the special event like a bunch of thermal images... Well, this year I got a surprise! Mosby showed up outside a house all the kids were at!  He was mingling...

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