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My client was going to be late, by an hour, but asked me to get started because he had a tightly-scheduled afternoon.  This was a short sale.  The sellers were home and a friend, who is a part-time real estate agent, (with all that phrase implies!!) was there to, his words, "make sure [I did] not...
Since October my daughter has been doing an after-school activity - Robotics.  Teams from all of the middle schools in the area take the same materials and construct a robot.  My daughter's school, the local charter school called the Pennington School, had two teams.  My daughter competed with bo...
I like to look at where sayings and phrases come from. Where did we get the term "double whammy?" It means a double setback or a double blow.  But when did it make it into our vernacular? Apparently Al Capp used it in a "Lil'Abner" cartoon in 1951.  "Evil-Eye Fleegle is th' name, an' th' 'whammy'...
Closets in new construction are sometimes very large, particularly the master bedroom closet.  In this case the closet is in the shape of a capital H, and large enough for a sizable slumber party. That means it's going to hold lots of stuff! That being the case, it is important that the racks are...
There's no way I am going to write some blog about the Serengeti.  Even the naive, the never cynical, and the trusting Boy Scout (me) can see this is a shameless attempt to market a book.  They have hooked on to a medium with thousands of people and want them all to pass around the title, post th...
"There is no question that if one were to ask whether we Americans are moving towards more liberty or more government control over our lives, the answer would unambiguously be the latter -- more government control over our lives.  We might have reached a point where the trend is irreversible and ...
If you missed the Westminster 2011 Dog Show this year, you missed the victory by "Hickory" (full name GCh. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind), the first Scottish Deer Hound to win Best In Show. Hickory is shown here with her handler Miss Angela Lloyd. I have known Angie's family for around 20 years.  Every ...
Sometimes things go by the wayside, not because they aren't taken care of but because people don't realize they are happening. This is the exhaust flue for a gas fireplace. It is the one on the side of my house! It has been there about 10 years. There is no damage to the siding, no charring on or...
Arriving at a final inspection of a new construction, to a house no where near ready for us, practically before even saying hello to Coral Gundlach, the Realtor, I playfully had to show her this!  It kind of set the tone for the day... Now, how fun is that!? A siding guy simply wouldn't do this t...
I have understood from insulators that in very cold temperatures fiberglass insulation will actually absorb heat from the house.  I have never been able to prove that.  Of course, the cellulose insulation guys will suggest that their insulation be blown in over the fiberglass, and problem solved!...

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