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"The underlying source of the West’s ability to attract the lightning of economic revolutions was a unique use of experiment in technology and organization to harness resources to the satisfaction of human wants. The key elements of the system where the wide diffusion of the authority and resourc...
Thermal imaging cameras see temperature differences in the form of very long light waves the human eye cannot detect.  Different temperatures are represented by different colors, and the camera can snap a digital picture of what it is looking at. It is not point and shoot technology.  The operato...
Some of you may realize that there was a Kodak Moment Contest in December.  Prizes were awarded and one of the prize winners was Karen Kruschka.  She won second prize for this photo, which is a wonderful look into her son's past, brought forward to make a poignant point now.  That prize was a Kod...
It's elementary physics, my dear Watson, elementary. Heat seeks cold.  Everyone thinks that heat rises.  Well, it does!  If it's seeking cold.  If the cold is down, heat sinks!  As a Boy Scout, along the C&O canal, near the Antietam Battlefield, there is a large cave.  It goes way in and eventual...
It was the best of furnaces.  It was the worst of furnaces. Now, if I was to truly wax Dickens, this would be a REALLY wordy post (Dickens was paid by the word). When one is buying new, and buying a $1.5 mil house NEW, one has great expectations.  My clients carefully poured over the sales litera...
This is the final post about drywall screws used in places they should not be.  To reiterate, this is new construction, and all three posts came about because of a single pre-drywall inspection on a $1.5 million house. The reasoning behind building a new house, and an expensive one, is to get wha...
"Whether ancient or modern, monarch or republic, coin or paper, each nation descends pretty much the same slippery slope, expanding government to address perceived needs, accumulating too much debt, and then repudiating its obligations by destroying its currency."                                 ...
This is the same new construction as was the previous post.  Remember, my beef is professionalism and longevity of work done.  Improper materials always cause things to fall apart or otherwise become damaged quicker than they should!  And often AFTER the warranty expires! And as to pre-drywall in...
This is new construction, selling for well over $1 million.  It should reflect that in its workmanship and material use.  PROFESSIONALS should be working on this house (as they should on every house, but that is the subject of other blogs).  I have done enough of these to walk into a house and se...
Finishing up my last appointment of the day, I found myself only a couple of blocks from the very old Warrenton VA Cemetery. Knowing that Colonel John S. Mosby is buried there, I paid a visit. It was a gray day. So visiting the grave of "The Gray Ghost" seemed appropriate! Having no idea where to...

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