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When a client calls and the first thing the conversation begins with is, "We're wondering about some work that was done," and ends with a joking, "And don't forget the thermal imaging camera when you come!" you know it's going to be fun. So we waited for a sunny day!  You should know we have had ...
Sounds like another boring post.  Just a regular fireplace flue, photo attached.  More or less ho hum. So, have a look!  It's actually very nice. The vinyl siding is not melted. The siding also has a nice bead at the bottom, making it a mid-grade siding.  Not bad. The flue is straight up and down...
I have noticed a trend in new construction which is gaining in popularity.  That is to install dryer vents through the roof.  This is a practice that really rubs me the wrong way. Why am I so disapproving?  Many reasons! Out of sight, out of mind.  My dryer vents under my rear deck.  I see it all...
"The man who builds a factory, builds a temple."                                             Calvin Coolidge This is the same president who said that the business of business is business.  And he got the gubment out of the way. If gubments could create jobs, they would all over the world!If gubme...
You know what the sign says, "Gorgeous inside!"  And the listing information full of fun facts!  This house was totally remodeled, inside and out.  FYI - these are only a few of the photos I could publish.  I won't comment until the end.  See what you see and what is wrong.  Have some fun.  I did...
When HVAC duct insulation breaks, or you are trying to tape together two pieces to create one nice long tube you can use in new construction ***, it is best practice to use Vent Tape. Yes, Vent Tape is the perfect product for such an application.  It is MADE to tape vents together. Be sure you us...
Sometimes people will call me to ask if our scheduled home inspection should be canceled because it's a rainy day.  Of course I say NO!  When it's raining and water is flowing, on, off and around a house, you can see things not otherwise manifest! Take this house for instance.  When I got there i...
A recent email from the Young Man From Afghanistan did not surprise me.  He is giving haircuts and cooking for the group.  Well, somebody has to do it!  And he is probably the best at it in his group. Here is what he had to say: " Whenever I take a trip back to the FOB (Forward Operating Base), I...
ON REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: " Scrutinize word for word the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and you will not find the word "fair." The First Amendment does not protect the "fair" exercise of religion, but the "free" exercise thereof; it does not restrain Con...
Hi folks!  Billy Jays here! Are you tired and bored with step flashing under your shingles? Hey, I bet you're bored with flashing altogether! You go outside, look up at your roof and think, "Gee, there's got to be an easier way to finish off the sides of my shingles without doing all that work." ...

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