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"No longer are Republicans arguing with Democrats about whether government should be big or small.  Instead they are at odds over what kind of big government the U.S. should have."                                                                     Janet Hook (WSJ political reporter) Ain't it the...
The mighty oak. Iconic symbol of strength. Its spreading branches will never get so large as to tip its balance to one side or the other. Its roots are said to be twice as large below ground as the branches we see above ground. It is stable. It gets stronger with time. Even in this juvenile state...
Sometimes people desperately want something in a spot that just might not be the best place for it.  and basement bathrooms are something that people sometimes desperately want!  At times the basement is arranged such that there is only one place you can even consider for a bathroom. Take this sp...
Previously a stellar robotics team from a local Virginia middle school, all budding-engineer 8th graders, competed in a Prince William County-wide robotics competition.  They did well enough to progress to the next competition!  Twenty two teams advanced to this new competition. This competition ...
Not being the computer person so many on this site are, I am not the collage creator that I should be.  But a collage is a collection or combination of various things. ActiveRain is a collection or combination of various things.  Its composition is of similarities and differences.  This compositi...
Nothing unusual on a flip to find a new heating and air conditioning system.  And such a new system often has new duct work as well.  Such was the case in this house. So, in this bathroom ceiling, I saw a new HVAC register.  Looking inside I also saw new duct work. But after turning on the system...
"It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low - and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now."                                                          John F. Kennedy Not so paradoxical really.  If people can keep what the...
Sometimes you do a good deed without even trying.  It is best to do a good deed daily.  Well, I did my good deed today.  Just keeping my eye on the prize. It seems the sellers did not like the fireplace mantel that the builder left them. They had another one made, but it is slightly too small for...
When a house has gas appliances, the gas shut-off valves should be easy to get to.  And you should know where it is!  The idea is to have it nearby should it need to be turned off for repairs or emergency.  All codes reflect this! Walking into a recent inspection on a flip, before I put my bag do...
Continuing west from Warrenton VA on Lee Highway (lots of Civil War names for highways in Virginia) about 30 minutes or so you will pass a little bungalow on the right. OK, it's not so little!  Very large, gorgeous house would be better put. To the rear is an expansive, covered patio porch, compl...

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