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It is crucially important to keep vegetation trimmed and far from the house.  Why?  Vegetation holds moisture against the foundation, can grow under and into siding introducing moisture and insects into the walls, and generally do damage.  Aggressive roots of trees too close can damage foundation...
There were many issues with a circumstance I encountered in a recent inspection.  One those many issues was a condition called HOARDING. The Mayo Clinic says this about hoarding:  " Hoarding is the excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them. Hoarding often creates suc...
I was called on to do a very sad and dangerous inspection. The homeowner and a local County found me on line and teamed up to hire me to literally condemn a house.  I have never been called on to do that before.  Of course I have no ability or authorization to condemn anything.  But my report can...
"The characteristic mark of economic history under capitalism is unceasing economic progress, a steady increase in the quantity of capital goods available, and a continuous trend toward an improvement in the general standard of living." Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) When has freedom not produced f...
On a recent pre-drywall inspection, which usually happens a day or two before the insulation and drywall are installed, I noticed a section of the house that was very wet.  And, before the drywall goes up, things MUST be dry! This is behind a gas fireplace, with a very large cavity above where a ...
It's the old college try, putting up a gazebo, with its many elements.  But sometimes a college cheer applies when one of these gets put up:  Lean to the left, Lean to the right, A leaning gazebo, Is best upright! A gazebo is a structure that requires a fair degree of professional carpentry exper...
Hot tubs are heavy.  You cannot put them anywhere you want.  You certainly shouldn't sing, "He ain't heavy, he's my hot tub..." Clients often ask me how heavy a hot tub is. A four person hot tub holds 300 gallons, or so.A six person hot tub holds 500 gallons, or so.And an eight person hot tub hol...
When features lists are left on the kitchen counter, my clients like to review them.  Sometimes things that are left in the house actually convey.  But, what if the home features listed were right ... and wrong? "Water view" Since there is no water feature in the neighborhood, is this what they m...
Things have gotten to the point where I can walk into a basement and almost smell if there's no permit pulled when they finished it.  It's like the basement is saying, "Permits?  We don't need no stinkin' permits!" BUT YOU DO!  A PERMIT SHOULD ALWAYS BE PULLED! If for no other reason to make sure...
Eight years ago I did an inspection on a new construction that I thought might have future water issues.  I recommended better grading and extending the downspouts.  After the recent very soaking rains, I got a phone call which said, "We should have listened to you three years ago.  Can you come ...

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