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In reviewing my blog posts for the past year, I was impressed to see which posts got the most comments. Comments seem to come with posts that are very instructive or very controversial.  And I don't write posts to be controversial, and certainly when I write about home inspection issues.  Sometim...
Grading is essential to a house and home inspector reports often say something like, "Negative drainage conditions." What is a "negative drainage condition?"  ANY GRADING THAT DOES NOT ENCOURAGE WATER AWAY FROM THE HOUSE STRUCTURE. Here is what I say on EVERY report, whether the grading needs att...
It's time for a post about retaining wall installation - best practice.  Retaining walls are something that home inspectors see frequently.  And just as frequently those walls have problems. A recent post prompted many to think what is necessary to the proper installation of a retaining wall.  Th...
I often see retaining walls.  If I had to guess a percentage I would say that about half have some movement.  In this case, it's a darn good thing there is a retaining tree! This tree has been on the job a long time! I see fences all the time that are held up by vines and plants. I see sheds all ...
"Frederick Hayek made the point that one of the keystones of socialism is the denial of individual responsibility.  Thus, the crusade for socialism always included attacks on individual responsibility.  For if individuals do not have free will, and are not responsible for their actions, then thei...
Does it bother you to be able to look through holes in your foundation wall? Or does water pour in through it every time it rains? Or how about just shoring it up when it looks weak and falling apart? Well, be bothered no more!  Hi folks!  Billy Jays here! Let me introduce you to our last product...
Growing up, one of my favorite Sunday paper cartoons was Mark Trail.  There were interesting things to learn, nearly every Sunday. Here is one that I always enjoyed.  I have shared it before, but it is worth sharing every year.  It captures so many things - thoughts, feelings, things that touch o...
Jay's Saturday morning haiku - 10 The English form of the traditional Japanese Haiku includes any or all of the following: The use of 17 syllables, in the form of three lines, with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.  Some haiku may employ 10 - 14 syllables, but 17 is traditional. The use of a sea...
Let me list for you the definitions of the word "truss," and you tell me the commonality among them.  From Oxford. 1 Framework of rafters, posts, and struts which supports a roof, bridge or other structure2 A padded belt worn against the skin to support a hernia3 A large projection of stone or ti...
A Christmas Card to all from Jay Markanich. According to my GPS device, when I stand on my front porch, that title is the very point on the earth that I am standing.  I am home.  It is my refuge and my spot.  Where my family is.  Where my things are.  I am safe.  I am protected.  And I am me. Whe...

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